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Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 9-28-15 through 10-2-15

Balance! Balance! Balance!

If you have been in the education profession for a while, you have heard or perhaps have said, "There is not enough time. It's too much. I can't get anything done. There are too many meetings. Staff morale is low. Everyone is stressed." The start of the school year always feels this way. The good news is it always gets better. This is a part of the cycle of an academic year. Now that things are settling down you will begin to set routines. As you do so remember to find balance. Set realistic goals and take care of yourselves. We can only offer our students the best when we are at our best.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!


Clara, Carmen, Helen, Christy P., Sara, Angel, Crystal, Deanna B., & Jessica B. for their time and support at 5th grade camp meeting. Dorys, Angel, & Jessica H. for completing their summary sheet as a tool to be able to present specific academic areas of strength during CMIT meetings. Jennifer E. & Lislia for organizing and running smooth CMIT meetings. All staff that supported Kindergarten during Kinder MAP testing. Please send your kudos my way and I will add them here!

What's Happening!

9/28 - CogAT Testing Window Opens (3rd & 5th)

9/28 - Math MAP Window Opens (Kinder)

9/28 - Admin PDH 3:15 pm

9/29 - CogAT 3rd 8:20 am

9/29 - Mentor/Mentee Meeting 3:15 pm

9/29 - PTA Sponsored Event Kid Mania 6 pm

9/30 - CogAT 3rd 8:20 am

9/30 - CogAT 5th 8:20 am

9/30 - Guided Reading (3rd - 5th) Library 3:15 pm

9/30 - Words Their Way (K-2nd) F109 3:15 pm

9/30 - Bowman Staff Using Field 4 pm

9/30 - Parent Computer Classes 6 pm

10/1 - CogAT 3rd 8:20 pm

10/1 - CogAT 5th 8:20 am

10/1 - A-Week Bobcat Visioning Meetings (K,3,5)

10/1 - PTA Board Meeting 6pm

10/2 - CogAT 5th 8:20 am

10/2 - CogAT 3rd MakeUps

Pride's Schedule

10/1 - Off Campus Training in Dallas

10/2 - Off Campus Training in Dallas

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...

A 3rd grade student saw a teacher who worked with his sibling who is now in middle school (J.P.). The teacher looked at the student to say hello and the student said, "I used to be "J.P.s" brother."

Happy Birthday

9/28 - Michelle

9/28 - Kelly P.