martin luther king jr.

this is my hero

why he is my hero

martin luther king jr. was originally michael king after his dad but his family took a trip to germany and as he got back he added luther to his name. he did so because there was a famous protestant in germany martin luther. people thought of him as an aweful person but now people think of him as a hero

about my leader

martin was brave and smart. he was not afraid of death he knew he would die for what he did but it helped out everybody

martin learned not to be violent as he protested. he told everybody to stop that violence isnt the answer.

when martin died everybody changed there minds about violence


we dont really share a trait exept i will not fight over a stupid reason i guess thats not violence

to not have any violence if he used violence the world might have been the same way and never changed

traits with impact

we both share the same trait because i dont want to be so violent. that is a good thing because somtimes i can get really violent.

no, one trait is big enough for a very big impact. just being non-violent itself can make a very big impact.

nice, non-violent, smart, and courageous are some big traits that martin luther king jr. had. if he didnt have one of these we wouldnt have the freedom we have now

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