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5th Grade Weekly Classroom Newsletter - January 5th

Fifth Grade's Curriculum Corner


Study Island

I have some assignments on Study Island. Please make sure your child completes 30 questions on each assignment and demonstrates a mastery of 70% or more.

6th Grade Math

Next week
, we will continue working on Investigation 2 which focuses on developing computational skill with and understanding of fraction multiplication.

A partner quiz will be given on Wednesday,12/17 over Investigation 2.

5th Grade Math

Next week, we will be wrapping up Chapter 4 with a test on Wednesday,12/17. Study Guide was handed out today in class and will be collected on Wednesday,12/17 before the test. We will spend two days to fill it out.


5th & 6th grade Reading classes:

Next week, we will be working on reading, summarizing, and comparing/contrasting primary and secondary sources of informational text. Students will be reading articles about The Christmas Truce of WWI, and they will also be working in their interactive notebooks. Reading logs will be due on Thursday next week due to the Holiday party. The reading logs for each class are located on "Class Resources" if your student lost it.

We will begin our next novel study in January. The next book that 5th grade students will be reading is "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The next book that 6th grade students will be reading is "Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry" by Midlred D. Taylor.

Holiday Party- Friday, December 19!

5th grade will be celebrating the end of the semester/start of winter break on Friday, December 19. Please let me know if you are intersted in volunteering or donating goodies for our homeroom party! Just send me an e-mail!

Study Island

I have added assignments on Study Island for students to practice their reading skills. Please make sure your student demonstrates a mastery of 70% or more.

Class Resource Page
If your student is missing an assignment or needs to print off a lost one, please refer to the class resource page on the school's portal through the school website.
**For the interactive notebook, the file was too big; therefore, it will not open. If your student is missing a specific page, please let me know, and I will send a separate e-mail.

Developmental Reading Assessment

Throughout this semester, we have been using the Development Reading Assessments (DRA) in first period to help establish students' reading levels and to monitor reading progress throughout the year. For more information, you can visit


December starts a new Scholastic Reading Club month! Because of the Winter Break, December 19 is the last day to send in any Scholastic book orders. Please use either exact cash or a check written out to Scholastic Reading Club.

The class code for ordering Scholastic books is : NF78L


Current News
For the week of December 15th through the 19th, we are finishing our Pronouns Unit. Some of my classes will be taking the test on Monday, December 15th and some Wednesday, December 19th. Because of MAP testing, we had to push a few things back and are testing later than I expected. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for being flexible! :) I hope everyone has a fantastic break and enjoys time with their families!

Study Island
I have assignments on Study Island. Please make sure your child completes 30 questions on each assignment and demonstrates a mastery of 70% or more. If you are not able to access these assignments please email me ASAP.

Class Resource Page
If your student is missing an assignment or needs to print off a lost one, please refer to the class resource page on the school's portal through the school website.
I scan-in all of the assignments that I can and post them there. I have a list of the passwords and usernames for those of you that are struggling to access it. Please email me if you need it.

Home Access Center
If you would like to keep up with due dates for this unit, they are all posted a ready on Home Access Center. This will also be a great place to check for NHI's as well and absent work. I post all assignments at the beginning of each unit. I do my best to update grades as often as possible, but sometimes that is only once a week. I appreciate your patience!

Spelling Words
This week's spelling words are posted on Spelling City. Please see the link below under the "Spelling" sections for the link to the page. I update it every Monday, except for those times we have no school on Monday. I also send home definitions and packets for the students to work on for extra practice. These packets are due for a grade every Thursday before the quiz. Our Spelling Quizzes are held on every Friday.


Next week in social studies we will be wrapping up chapter 8 with a small quiz over vocabulary (the words were sent last week and haven't changed). There will not be enough time to test over the chapter; however, I will incorporate some of the important topics when we test over chapter 9 in January.

With the coming break I will be making next week as easy on the students as possible since I know the coming vacation will have them very excited.


Next week we will have one last quiz for this semester. Quiz 2 will be on Thursday Dec. 18th.

We will continue working on Electric Circuit, Series Circuit, and Parallel Circuit. Because we didn't have enough time to do an experiment, we will continue on it tomorrow.

As of yesterday, I passed out the rubric for our new project. New project is called Electric House. Students can work individually, groups of two, or three. If students decide to work in groups they will only submit one project. However each students will answer the questions on the rubric. I will also post the questions on Portal. Project is due on January 20th, 2015.

For this project students need to create a house with shoe boxes. The house should be at least two stories and should have at least two rooms. Each room should be decorated. By looking we should be able to tell, if it is a bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. Rooms should have furniture. Each room should have a light. To light up the rooms, students will use two D cell batteries.

These websites has games that are related to what we are studying:

Below are the students who scored the highest grade on Quiz 1

Big image

Home Visit Program at FSAES

As part of FSAES Home Visit Program, teachers visit students and parents at their home.

Overall goal of home visit is to help strengthen relationships between parents, students and teachers and inform parents & students on how much they care.

We would LOVE to visit our students at home at your convenience.

If you would like to participate, please e-mail me at or FSAES Home Visit Coordinator Ms. Mingus at