Team Steamrollers Newsletter

April 2014

What an AWESOME month we had.....

Congrats to each and every team member for yet another AMAZING month. March 2014 team sales topped out at over $1.3M. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your business and the overall success of our team.


Top Personal Volume

  1. Dominique Zarate
  2. Natasha Miller
  3. Michele Bradley
  4. Erica Clemens
  5. Annette Caudill

Top Team Sales

  1. Michelle Levitt
  2. Laura Ausbrooks
  3. Janet Padilla
  4. Marlee Fritzsch
  5. Cheryl Leising



  • Cheryl Leising
  • Malinda Mitchell

Executive Team Leader

  • Julie Lobos
  • Karen Tucci
  • Tina Graham

Senior Team Leader

  • Susana Castillo
  • Paige & Marissa Lizardo
  • Jessica Gahr
  • Ashley Fox
  • Kimberly Parsons
  • Nicole Roethler
  • Kristin Taylor
  • Ashley Marquez
  • Lindsey Latham
  • Noelle Plagens
  • Kim Jenkins
  • Sonya Bowling
  • Sally Treder

Team Leader

  • Sarah Grace
  • Wendy Martine
  • Sara Rockov
  • Nora Monreal
  • Lisa Palkki
  • Sarah Coleman
  • Laurie Heath
  • Clarissa Nelson
  • Erin Sittner
  • Donna Steading
  • Christie & Lyn Nunemaker
  • Jenny Morgan
  • Ellen Stasson-Monshaugen
  • Cindy Manatrey
  • Diane Stewart
  • Jamie Davidson
  • Leslie & Alexia Thacker
  • Teri Black
  • Cindy Milligan
  • Sandra DeJesus
  • Ellen Batu
  • Toni Soliday
  • Kelly Ayers
  • Jaclyn Atherton
  • Kathy Bommarito
  • Kimberly Beard
  • Kimber Yates
  • Jamie Hodge
  • Heather Brown
  • Kandy Doxey
  • Lynette Baker
  • Melissa Keith
  • Dayna Troy
  • Misti Johnson
  • Kelly Grove

Leading Designer

  • Kelley Perone
  • Christina Wells
  • Deana Leuhrs
  • Tresa Doyon
  • Sheila Campbell
  • Cathy Gomez
  • Jamie Schaab
  • Nicole Brown
  • Christina Riccio
  • Deanne Gaereminck
  • Deborah Zacarro
  • Judy Silva
  • Cheryl Cummins
  • Joann Arce
  • Vicky Lee
  • Jeanice Mosaquites
  • Rani Golan-Baldino
  • Lynn Fortier
  • Karla Ingle
  • Rachl Miles
  • Faye DeRose
  • Stephanie Leavitt
  • Sherri Judd
  • Shannon Smith
  • Cassie & Buz Stephens
  • Krista Lewis
  • Jennifer Craven
  • Elizabeth Bentley
  • Johnnie & Michelle Smith
  • Jordan Robinson
  • Melissa Shaw
  • Laura Swenson
  • Sharon Hamilton
  • Tashla Mc Cabe
  • Amanda Betten
  • Dana Parker
  • Nakeshai Nicholson
  • Stephanie Brazel
  • Pamela Gilbertson
  • Kathleen Lesinski

Congrats to everyone who promoted. Lets keep the ball rolling Ladies and Gentlemen!

Team Steamrollers Meeting Schedule

May 20th, Anaheim Hills -

Please mark your calendar for these upcoming events. We will be holding these meetings every 3rd Tuesday of the month other than in July. We will be holding July's meeting on the last day of the month so we can share info announced at the 2014 National Convention.

June 17th, Rancho Cucamonga, Central Park

July 29th , Anaheim Hills, Community Center

Tips for Keeping Your Clients Coming Back

We all know it’s better and more cost effective to have a steady stream of returning customers than always being focused on finding new customers. So, how do we keep our customers coming back once the first sale is made? Think of the first transaction as the first date in a series of dates, which ultimately leads to a long and wonderful relationship. The way to keep customers coming back is to develop and nurture a relationship with them.

Here are some ideas to keep your new customer coming back, in order to establish a lasting relationship:

  1. Promote your strengths, best products/services and greatest value compared to competitors.
  2. Offer incentives/discounts for return customers.
  3. Develop a customer-based community online: create a Facebook page where customers can share ideas and communicate with others of like mind.
  4. Once you have a Facebook page, provide valuable and interesting information that can help your customers.
  5. Create trust: let your customers know that if they don’t like something you’ll fix it.
  6. Contribute to a cause in a way that involves your customers. For example, if you sell books, offer to collect old books to give to charity like your local library or women’s shelter, and in return your customer gets 15% off on their next purchase.
  7. Establish a loyal customer rewards program and make it feel like it’s personalized to each individual.
  8. Make the sales process easier, faster and better than your competitors.
  9. Establish a follow up process to check on your customer’s satisfaction and needs regularly.
  10. Offer free personal delivery service or shipping.
  11. Establish an online relationship with your customers and provide real-time customer service.
  12. Provide an easy and comfortable way for customers to provide feedback, and promote changes and improvements you’ve made based on the suggestions of your customers.
  13. Once in a while, surprise your best customers with a special gift and share what you’ve done with the world.
  14. Highlight loyal customers and promote their importance for the world to see (create positive buzz).
  15. Create a fun, interactive contest as part of your marketing.
  16. Provide memorable and excellent customer service and value consistently.
  17. Focus on making the customer feel special, respected, highly valued and like they are a dear friend.

The key is to focus your efforts on developing a relationship with your customers, offering excellence, value and unique service that only you can provide.

For more information, please visit

If you haven't registered already, make sure to do so ASAP as space is limited. If you haven't had the opportunity to experience an event hosted by the Nest, you are missing out. You will come back with motivation and drive like you've never experienced before.