The gilded age

Ireland palmer

Henry Bessemer

Who: Henry Bessemer made the Bessemer process

What : Engineer and inventor

When: Born on January 19 1813

Died March 15 1898

Where: Born in Charlton Hertfordshire England

Why: He made the Bessemer process the make things go faster

Hay market riot

Who:All the hay market workers,just about 20,000 people

What:All the workers went on strick to get a better work place and to increase work


Where:McCormick harvest machine co. In Chicago.

When:May Day 1886.

Why:To try and increase the hours in the work days ,and how many days they worked.

J.P. Morgan

Who: J.p. Morgan real name is John Pierpont Morgan

What: he was an art collector and a business leader

When: born on April 17 1837

Died March 31 1913

Where: Hartford Connecticut p

Why: Made one of the leading firm in the country