Emergent Curriculum


  • Children are able to make decisions when it comes to learning
  • Exciting learning opportunities
  • Builds on the children's prior knowledge
  • Activities are constantly changing
These pictures below are just examples of what an Emergent Curriculum could look like!

What is Emergent Curriculum???

  • Doesn't force a child to do an activity, allows them to choose.
  • Encourages learning and enjoyment
  • Caregivers are actively involved in the activities that the children choose to do
  • All activities and centres are exciting and inviting
  • Caregivers are asking open ended questions, to allow the child to feel like they are the ones coming up with the ideas
  • Children are constantly being observed to ensure they are doing activities that interest them
  • Activities are constantly changing to gear towards the child and their interests and needs

Sarah MacAlpine

May 28, 2013

ED 243 - Emergent Curriculum

Courtney Goerzen