Oil All Around

By-Jennifer S and Stella K

Texas with Black Gold

In January 10,1901 a enormous geyser of oil came down.It reach the high over 150 feet high and 100,000 barrels a day and more powerful.Many of the major oil companies in America,including Gulf Oil,Texaco and Exxon,can trace their origin.

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

I a supporting Boom Towns because the oil discoveries created a new demand for other industries in Texas.Clothing companies,tool repair,shop hotels,and restaurants.Sincerely,Marilyn Smith

Dear Editor,

I am opposing of Boom Towns because oil is a fossil fuel,so if more boomtowns build, there'll be no more oil in future. Furthermore,many people work for 24 hours (whole day) for boomtown.They're facing danger because of disease and crowd in a boomtown.So i'm opposing at Boom Town.Sincerely, Stella Kim