Temperate Deciduous Forest

by Chaily Robles

climate and weather

When it is January the temperature might drop to 10 degrees F but sometimes when it is warm it can get to 81 degrees F. Mammals can grow thick fur to keep them warm in winter time. The deciduous forest has 4 seasons’ summer, winter, fall, and spring. In summer time it is sunny and sometimes rainy. In winter it is cold and it snows. In fall it is chilly and the leaves fall down and change colors, and in spring to flowers start to bloom and it start to get warm.

plants and animals

The deciduous forest there are lots of animals but I will only talk about 4. There is the bank vole, black bear, gray squirrel, and a raccoon. The bank vole eats leaves, and fruits. The bank vole is a rodent it is about 8-11 cm .The black bear eats fruits, nuts, honey, roots, insects, fish, and small mammals. The black bear is about 5-6 ft. The gray squirrel eats seeds, and nuts. The gray squirrel is about 9-11 3/4 in. The raccoon is about 16-23 1/2 in. The gray squirrel eats aquatic animals, rodents, eggs, birds, nuts, seeds, fruits and corn. It lives near water, and swamps. The white tailed deer eats grass, weed shrubs, twigs fungi, nuts, and lichens. It is about 11 in. They live near forests, swamps, and open bush land. The wild boar eats roots and tubers. They are about 6-7 3/4 in. They live near forests and woodland. Adapting is that a bear hibernates for the winter, and the squirrel stores food for winter. The kinds of plants that there is wild flowers and berries. The kinds of trees that there is maple, oak, and hickory .They survive by making layers so that it can be easier for the sun light to hit them. The plants also loose leaves in order to hold more water in for the winter.


The Deciduous Forest is located in the eastern part of the United States, Canada, Europe, parts of Russia, Japan, and China. All of these countries have a deciduous forest in them but some countries don't have a deciduous forest because of the climate that they live in. So as you can see this is where the deciduous forest is located in.