Digital Citizenship Project

Ashton E., Period 3

Rule#1: Treat people how you want to be treated.

Don't say things on the internet that will come straight back to you as a comeback.

Rule#2: Never give out your personal information.

When websites ask for your information always ask a parent or guardian before doing anything.Look for the little things in websites just to make sure you are not getting hacked or not getting your moneys worth.

Rule#3:Contact friends on social networking be careful for strangers

You can contact friends or school teachers if you need help or you just want to talk to somebody but if strangers just ignore what they say.

Rule#4: Be careful who you talk to on the internet.

There might be people on the internet that say they are 12 but they are 30 and just saying that to hack you and trick you

Rule#5: Don't be mean to others on the internet

cyber bulling is not a good thing to feel. You here things about you that you usually don't want to here. So keep it to your self and don't be mean.

Rule#6:Don't copy anybody's work if you don't want to get in trouble

It's called Plagiarism when you copy down word for word or just use the same words just put them in a different order.

Rule#7:Don't take anybody's work if it is copyrighted

copyright is a mark and peoples ideas so nobody can make copies but the person who made it.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is just be safe on the internet watch what your doing. Don't copy anything,don't be a bully, and don't let hackers trick you. Never share your person information to anybody that, and don't share passwords with people just your parents.