Heaven's Gate

Seth Eddington and Madi Turner


This is a UFO religious Millenarian group from San Diego, California. It was made in the early 70s by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. 39 members of the group committed mass suicide to reach an alien spacecraft following the Comet Haley-Bopp. Police found the bodies on March 26, 1997.


Applewhite believed that he was directly related to Jesus. He thought of himself as an extraterrestrial human. He was in a near death experience and was knocked out. When he woke up he thought that the book of revelations was written about him and the nurse that was taking care of him. The group believed that the Earth was about to be recycled and they had to leave it. They said they were against suicide, but if you didn't believe that the earth was going to be recycled, that was pretty much like suicide, because you wouldn't move on. They believed that aliens planted the seeds of humanity and have come to reap the harvest. Those that are spiritually evolved a part of flying saucer crews. The only people who would escape human suffering were the one's that made the sacrifices by being members of Heaven's Gate.

Self concept

They thought that they were extraterrestrials and above the human level.

Reference Group

The other people in the group only relate themselves to each other.


They think they are directly related to Jesus.


There is a movie made about the clan called the "Mysterious Two" and the news covered stories about them occasionally

Looking glass self

They thought they were really weird and outcasts for believing in aliens.

Peer group

In this cult they had an age range form 26-72


They had to give up anything that was connected to the planet or anything that didn't involve the cult or other members


They had to work solely with other Heaven's Gate members and knew that they were outcasts


The cult ended in a mass suicide. Only one guy out of it did not commit suicide because he was taping it. They all laid in beds and drank poison and suffocated themselves with plastic bags. They were all wearing the exact same outfit and had purple cloth over their faces. They were a group who thought they were derived from aliens and thought they were directly related to Jesus and would die if they weren't in this cult and not move on after the "recycle" of the earth.