Causes of the American rev.

Mathew Horner 1763-1736


The American rev. was a war between Britain & it's collinists over freedom. The king treated the collinists very badly so that was a social cause of the war. The king was addin a bunch of taxes so the peps. got mad. I think the peps. were right by leaving England the king was a jerk.

Nevagation acts

N an attempt 2 make England a merchantalism country the king stopped trade between all colones but the British 1s. This didn't make the colonists happy. So this raised tension between the collinists & the king.

The Proclomation of 1763

King George wouldn't let the collinists settle west. He wouldn't let them bc he was scared themed get killed then it'd cost $$$. The collinists were even more angry bc King George did this.

The stamp act

When king George wanted more money he thought he could make taxes. So he put taxes on everything printed on paper. Some were even mad enough 2 make a protest group. It was called the sons of Liberty. Then king George just sent n more troops.

Quartering act

King George needed a place 4 the soldiers 2 stay. So he made colonists keep them n their houses. They were very mad bc they were n their house w/out warrants.

Boston massacre

On a very unfortinite night a colonist was complaining 2 a soldier. Then other collinists arrived. Then soldiers arrived. Then the soldiers began firing. 5 people died that night.

Tea act & Boston tea party

King George wanted 2 lower the price of tea. So he only let 1 company sell it. But since only 1 company sold it the collinists got mad. So the sons of Liberty disguised as Indians & pored tea n2 the sea.

Intolerable acts

King George was ferrous once he found out about the Boston tea party so he .

.Stoped trade between Boston & britan.

.Gave britan control of the colony.

.No more town meetings.

The collinists were very mad about this.