Roommate Wanted

About me

Hi I'm Sophia, and I'm a fourteen year old freshman at Byron Nelson high school. I'm generally a quiet person who likes to watch TV and listen to music. I am a very serious Television geek, and will watch episodes as long as I can before I pass out from exhaustion. I'm kind of outgoing when I become comfortable enough around you. I also have two cats named Dean and Sam, who love to cuddle and ambush you with foot attacks when you least expect it.

What I would like in a roommate

What I'm looking for is a roommate, who can fill a room but also split the rent with me. I'm looking for a roommate who is quiet at first but pretty nice in the end. Obviously if you are allergic to cats or you hate them, my apartment is not the place to be. If you do the following things drugs, alcohol, intercourse with complete strangers, leave a mess outside of your room, have random parties at three a.m, kill people, perform Satanic rituals, listen to country music, use my toothbrush or toothpaste, and doesn't flush the toilet are not welcome inside my humble abode. All I want to have in a roommate is to make a good friend who isn’t really loud but not really quiet.