The Magnificent Mollusk

Justin Ohnikian


Close your eyes and imagine the sight of 15,000 species of clams hiding beneath the sand! My topic for Australia’s marine animals, is the clam. In this article you will find out about this creature's size and weight, how it moves, and the special features on this mind blowing creature’s body.


Word Wall

This is a wall of different words for a clam.
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This is a picture of my Diorama. My main animal of course is the clam. (1. Clam 2. Starfish 3. Clown fish 4. Squid 5. Coral 6. Sea Turtle 7. Jellyfish 8. Seaweed) I had a lot of fun making this. The clam is a very fascinating animal!
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This is a video of a clam burrowing!
Aquarium Burrowing Clam

Go Fish

While I was in Go Fish we had a budget of of 250 dollars to set up an aquarium for some fish. I had a really great time. During this activity we got to put many decorations in our tank. Without buying the fish, I spent $72.43. As I said, I had a budget of 250 dollars and had $30.40 left over. In conclusion the Go Fish activity was great, and I had a wonderful time.


In conclusion, the clams are very interesting. Also, if you are ever hungry, go to a seafood place and eat clams! I hope you learned something about how the clams move, how they eat, and finally the creatures special features. One last fun fact is that clams live in the sand upside down!