Remixing Shakespeare

How Can Technology Be Used to Bring Shakespeare to Life?

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Act 2 Scene 1: The Bard In Music

Augmented Reading Experiences

Clever Spins to Inspire

Romeo & Juliet starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston :D

Student-Created Projects

Student-Created Projects Infused with Technology

Some of the Applications Used are:

(Popplet Ophelia Image Link)

Minecraft Plays and 3D Globe Theater

Minecraft: Shakespeare's Globe Theater English Project
HamCraft- A Minecraft version of Shakespeare's Hamlet (School English Project)
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Tackk Shakespeare

Tellagami Prologues

The Prologue - 2014
Hamlet - Act V
Opening Fight - Final Version

iMovie Cut-Aways with "R&J"

Cutaway Project

Stop Motion iMovie

The Murder of Cinna The Poet
Michelle as a Weird Sister from Macbeth

Prezi Project

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Shakespeare 450

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