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Welcome to Johnson's newsletter for specialty courses and programs!

Jennifer Flynn (Visual Art), Whitney McKay (Guidance Counseling), Marie Zimmerman (Library), Alyssa Vanderpool (Music), Nick Behymer (Physical Education), Julie Dashley (Spanish)

Guidance and PE with Ms. McKay and Mr. Behymer!

Career Fair!

For the second year in a row, Nick Behymer and Whitney McKay teamed together to bring Johnson parents in to speak to our fourth and fifth graders about their careers. Our parent volunteers were AMAZING! We had a police officer, an artist, an audio engineer, a journalist, a small business owner and a physical therapist with us on March 29th. They brought in state of the art recording equipment, fine art, action figures with the “Hardwood Guys” logo on it, videos of all sorts of Channel 9 employees, braces and devices to help children move more efficiently, police gear, and…STORIES…lots and lots of stories!

We learned how to make our voices sound like monsters, how to help a child with low muscle tone, how pursuing art can take you al the way to the White House, how hard work can lead to starting your own business, how to find the news in everyday life, and we learned….to ALWAYS….no matter what….fasten our seatbelts. (Trust us on that one.)

Thank you to Anna Langlinais, Amy Martin, Doug Bryant, Wil Houze, David Mueller and Austin Gorrigan for taking time off of work to explain the VALUE of your work. Our students are better off for the time you spent with us.

Whitney McKay and Nick Behymer

Guidance with Ms. McKay

W.A.T.C.H. Dogs

WATCH D.O.G.S.® is an innovative program being used by schools across America to help students thrive and grow. Watch D.O.G.S. asks fathers and father figures to take off one day of work a year in order to make a difference in the lives of children. Research shows that a male presence in schools reduces bullying and improves academic outcomes for students. Our volunteers participate in classroom activities, ensure safety on Johnson's campus, participate in recess and lunch monitoring, and maintain a strong, positive presence for students. This is an active, successful program at Johnson, and we appreciate your support!

Whitney McKay

Guidance Counselor

Mindful Kids Group at ViewPoint

We support and encourage our children in so many ways, helping them to grow and thrive. Here's a local program that might be helpful for your child. Please read below.
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Art & Culture Night!

Our first Art & Culture night was an incredible success! So many families were able to join us to see incredible student artwork and create cultural crafts. Thank you for joining us on this special evening at Johnson!
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1st graders go to the Contemporary Arts Center!

Our first graders visited the Contemporary Arts Center, and had an incredible time! See part of their visit to the UnMuseum and the incredibly colorful exhibit by Ugo Rondinone in the video below.

Textiles in Second, Third, and Fourth

Second, third, and fourth grade classes have experienced textiles in the art classroom this spring! Second graders are sewing basic stiches into plastic mesh to create a variety of designs. Third graders learned how to sew buttons onto fabric, and then create a small soft pillow sculpture. Fourth graders have just begun to explore the sewing machine, and used basic stitches to create embroidery. These new skills add to their artistic toolbox, preparing them with greater options when planning their art-making in the classroom!
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Art on Display!

We’ve had a wide variety of artworks on display in our community this spring.

Congratulations to all of our amazing Johnson artists!

(Pictures to come)

2017 Kentucky All-State Elementary and Middle School Art Show

Occurred in April at the Polvino Family Art Center in Nicholasville, KY

Students: Macy L. (5th) and Garrett W. (4th)

Contemporary Arts Center - Rainbow artworks as a part of artist Ugo Rondinone’s current exhibition. CURRENTLY on display at the CAC through August 20, 2017

Students: All 1st graders and many 5th graders

Cincinnati Arts Association 2017 Student Art Show

CURRENTLY on Display at the Fifth Third Bank Theater, Aronoff Center through May 14, 2017

Students: Ben H.(5th), Gordon L.(5th), Mia H.(5th), Isabella A.(5th), Jeremy H.(3rd)

Annual Fort Thomas Independent Schools District Art Show 2017

Occurred in April and early May in Hoffman Hall at Christ Church UCC


PK – Brayden B.

K- Preston D, Hayden G, Harper T, Kayden M, Landon E, Myles L, Indgrid L, Christina T, Lebrianna L, Elin H

1st – Elena S, Gus B, Ellery B, Isaac P, Marlow H, Riley B, Calum J, Knox D, Noah C

2nd – Cooper E, Elliot M, Parker M, Iris L, Adalynne S, Rose E, Lillian A, Henry M, Philomena S, Cameron P, Laney W

3rd – Umbrielle C, Maria B, Abbie R, Liza Z, Mikey A, Gus D, Nick W, Tenley G, Anna V, Bella B, Elise H, Aidan S

4th – Lily A, Garret W, Liam D, Sarah J, Reese W, Jenna R, Noah H, Sylvie M, Oliver M, Jordyn M

5th – Martha-Kelly B, Carson C, Henry C, Leo F, Matthew M, Lilly B, Isabella A, Macy L, Devin M, Luke L, Leo P, Ben H, Dominic M, Sophia U

Jennifer Flynn

K-5 Visual Art Educator

District Art Show 2017

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We need your help! Art Room Donations Needed

We appreciate your donation of any of the materials below.


  • PAPER PLATES or styrofoam plates (any size - used as palettes for paint mixing)
  • Paper Towel Tubes
  • Markers and Crayons (if you find some on a super sale this summer, we'd love your donations!)
  • Brightly colored yarn

Thank you for supporting our students' creativity!

Online Art Exhibits

Students have been adding to their digital portfolios on Artsonia. Parents - you can easily add relatives' email addresses into your child's account, and then they will be notified when new artwork is posted for viewing. It's a great way to share students' creativity with family members that live far away! (Their account keeps artwork from year to year, allowing you to see their visual art skills develop over time.) Visit Johnson's Gallery to see all of our amazing artworks.

Library with Mrs. Zimmerman

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Be sure to visit our Johnson Jungle website as you Read on the Wild Side this summer! Our 3rd grade students picked this awesome theme, and have created posters around the school to spread the word. See what adventures you can experience in books this summer!

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N.D. Wilson Visits Third Grade

Our 3rd grade students loved meeting author, N.D. Wilson, on April 21st! Prior to his visit, students research the author and created amazing projects sharing what they learned.

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40 Book Challenge, Digital Citizenship and Campbell County Public Library!

40 Book Challenge

JES has submitted 2,418 books for the 40 Book Challenge since 4/19/17!

Mrs. Payne's class is the winner for the primary grades with 593 books posted. Congratulations!

Mrs. Schnier's class is the winner for the intermediate grades with 368 books posted. Congratulations!

Both classes will earned ice cream sandwiches!

April was Digital Rights and Responsibilities Month, something important to understand and emphasize with our children. This video provides more information:

Check out all the cool events going on at the Campbell County Public Library:!

Does your child have a public library card? Here is information on how to get a library card:

Marie Zimmerman

Library Media Specialist

Music with Ms. Vanderpool

Kindergarten is preparing for their Kindergarten Completion Program. You don’t want to miss their singing and dancing on Thursday, May 18th at 7:00 in the gym.

First grade has been rocking it by reading and writing their very own rhythms using quarter notes, double 8th notes and quarter rests. They also played and created a track in GarageBand of their rhythms. Super impressive first graders.

Third grade has been learning how to read pitches on the staff and last week we received our recorders to apply our music reading skills. Recorders will not go home this year. I am keeping them over the summer so they will have them in 4th grade as well. I highly recommend purchasing a soprano recorder for them to keep at home to practice. School issued recorders will stay at school until the end of their 5th grade year.

Fourth grade has been excited to explore the world in music. We have visited a variety of countries from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and Central/South America. With each country the students learned important culture differences, instruments, folk music and were able to sing, play, and dance.


Second graders are feeling great after their PHENOMONAL performance of Squirm. So proud of you 2nd grade. Special thanks to all that attended and those who helped make the performance a success.

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5th Grade Drama & Art

Fifth grade just finished an awesome drama unit with our artist-in-residence Ms. Kelly Jo Asbury. Students created their own origin stories to be dramatized. They focused on Native American tradition of good vs. evil, creature features, and weather creation. We collaborated with Mrs. Flynn to create artifacts for their stories. Their performances and creativity were outstanding. Way to go 5th grade!

Play 1
Play 2
Play 3

Alyssa Vanderpool

K-5 Music Educator


In Kindergarten, we have been learning about farm animals. See the above video :).

In 1st and 2nd grade we got butterflies back from our symbolic migration! Since monarchs never come back to the same location, we received butterflies from all across the U.S. and Canada, from the schools that participated in the "migration."

3rd grade is working on skits using emotional phrases. They turned out really well!

In 4th and 5th grade we exchanged pen pals letters in Spanish with Woodfill and Moyer. We wrote letters first and then the second time, we could write back or make a video.

Julie Dashley

K-5 Spanish Educator


Fort Thomas Sesquicentennial

As you probably know, the 150th Anniversary of Fort Thomas will take place this summer! See how your children can be involved in this celebration through ART!
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Fort Thomas ROCKS

The Fort Thomas Sesquicentennial Committee has launched Fort Thomas ROCKS – and it is officially "rocking and rolling.” Fort Thomas ROCKS is a type of scavenger hunt that involves painting, decorating, and hiding rocks around Fort Thomas.

The Fort Thomas Elementary Schools will have painted over 1000 rocks by the end of the school year that will be hidden around the city for you and your children to find. When you find a rock.... (see below for more information). Be sure to join the Facebook page to see what's being found and by whom!

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Check out all the cool events going on at the Campbell County Public Library


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