Free My Blackfish

The revelation of the mistreatment of animals at Sea World


In the movie Blackfish, Gabriela Cowperthwaite is successful in showing the negative impact of whales by involving statistics on shorter life spans, false cover stories by Sea World, and the many cases of interaction between whales and trainers going wrong


The tour guides at Sea World would tell their audience that the average life span is 25-35 years since the whales in captivity die young. This was found to be false after research proved whales have life spans similar to that of humans
Blackfish - Orca Lifespans

Tight Captivity

Sea World has been documented confining their entertainment to tanks that don't quite fit their needs. Tilikum is forced into a tight tank that doesn't allow for much movement. This affects them mentally and physically. Often times Tilikum will damage his teeth biting on the concrete in hopes of getting free
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Whales not at fault

The whales at Sea World and other sea-themed attractions are enclosed in small tanks as previously stated. This affects them mentally making them unstable and agitated. The way the whales are forced into seclusion this leaves them being angry so in cases like Tilikum when he lashes out and attacks a trainer Tilikum shouldn't be held accountable rather the theme park itself.