Life of Gladiators

Daily life

The life of a gladiator was harsh and also strict, especially for new recruits to the Gladiator. During this period of the roman republic the newly recruited Gladiators were at first conscripted to the gladiator schools from slaves, prisoners, and prisoners from war. They had no choice whether to be a Gladiator or not to be. Some were sentenced to death by execution by a sword or to fight to death by being a Gladiator.

Gladiator school

In gladiator school, men would learn to become gladiators and perfect their gladiator skills. the gladiator school were owned by private citizens instead of the government. They would train like the professional athletes do today. each gladiator got to use the armor and weapons that that gladiator chose. after three to five years of combat, gladiators were freed and never had to fight again.


A gladiators profession was fighting against other gladiators or beast until one of them was killed. The gladiators would fight in the Colosseum in Rome in front of 70,000 to 80,000 spectators. the gladiators were payed every time they fought. they would use weapons such as swords, spears, and knives to defeat the opposing gladiator. Also since they were fighting in front of so many people, the gladiators would wait and showboat until the crowd would chant “kill him” and then the gladiator would go in for the kill.

Types of Gladiators

Andabatae-(1st cent. BC) Clad in chainmail like eastern cavalry (cataphracti), wore visored helmets without eye holes. They charged blindly at one another on horseback as an ancient precursor to the medieval joust.
Bestiarii-(beast fighters) originally armed with a spear or knife, these gladiators were condemned to fight beasts with a high probability of death. In later times, the Bestiarii were highly trained, specializing in various types of exotic, imported beasts.
Dimachaeri-they fought with two swords. The word derived from a Greek word meaning 'bearing two sword.This type of gladiator fought with two curved swords (siccae). The sica, or siccae, was a curved scimitar, a short, curved sword, with a blade about 16-18 inches long.
Equites- Fought on horseback with a spear and gladius, dressed in a full tunic, with a manica (arm-guard). Generally, the Eques only fought gladiators of his own type.