NGMS Methanol Converter

a solution to use organic material and atmospheric methane

The NGMS Methanol Converter

Our machinery uses harmful organic waste that otherwise would've be sent to a landfill into a useful bio fuel. The trash will be converted to methane, then we will purchase synthesis gas to fuse together with the methane. Synthesis gas is carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas combined. When synthesis gas and methane is fused together, it will create methanol (CH40) which is our environment friendly bio-fuel.
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Why Our Idea is Innovative

Our idea is new and innovative because it releases less emissions than standard gasoline. While doing our research, we discovered an existing product that converted organic material to methane called the Indian Cylindrical Pit Design.This old fashioned design did not take the extra step of converting methane into methanol, as its function was to convert organic material into methane.

Real-world applications of methanol:

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Sharing Our Product With Others

We shared our methanol converter idea with an electrical engineer, who was our mentor, as well as local students from the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology(GSMST).The purpose of the methanol converter is to use organic material to convert to methane which will be used to create a valuable biofuel,methanol.The creation of methanol also keeps excess methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, out of the atmosphere.


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