All About Me

Gretchen Puls


  • Basketball- I am a post/forward player.
  • Track- my main events are hurdles, relays, and the hundred meter dash. Out of all of these hurdles is my favorite.
  • Volleyball- I am the right side hitter, which mean that i stand on the left side of the net and spike the ball with my left hand when the setter sets the ball to me.
  • Horseback riding- My horses name is DeVille and i like to ride her a lot.
  • Working out-I often go to a fitness center called TNT Fitness. My favorite thing to do is their obstacle courses.

Breast Cancer Obsticle Course

This is one of the obstacle courses i did to raise money for the treatment of breast cancer we raised 2,500 dollars that year.

Top three way I'm smart/Learning style

Ways I'm smart
  • Body Smart
  • Nature Smart
  • Music Smart

Learning Styles

43% - Reading

43% - Doing

14% - Hearing

Globe Inventory

Holland Code

Three Career clusters

  • artistic
  • investigative
  • realistic

Researched Job

The job I researched is a vet. Some of the classes i need to take are animal science and advanced math. The average salary National wide is 46 dollars an hour.


The job i want to have when i get older is a Veterinarian. Some of the classes you have to take for this job include science, math, and animal systems. When you first start of as a Vet in Wisconsin you will get paid an average of 25$ an hour.

Favorite Things

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Animal: Horse

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Favorite Sport: Track

Favorite Drink: Milk


Some of my values include my family, animals, sports, and school. I value my family because even when im mad at them they can always find a way to make me laugh and smile. I value my animals because they are fun to play with and hang out with. One of my cats, Ash, likes to sit on my shoulders every morning and ride me down to the barn. Another one, Jumpers, has one eye and likes to help my dog eat there dog food every morning she will also come on walks with us.


  • Amy(Mom)- My mom is a nurse in the Lomira Aurora clinic. She used to work for Flight for Life located in Fond du Lac.
  • Bryan(Dad)- My dad is a shop and engineer teacher at Kewaskum high school.
  • Moira(sister)- My sister is in 6th grade in Mrs. Wild homeroom.

Canada Summer Vacation

We usually always go on a vacation every summer. Last year we went to Canada and stayed in a friends cabin. We had to catch most of our own food like fish for dinner which was really fun. We even got to see bears and some moose. The worst part was getting leaches stuck to feet.

Work Cited

  • Kewaskum high school