Active Inspire Teacher Challenges

Level Two

1. Getting to know your pen options...

Select the Pen tool and choose a color and line thickness to suit the needs of your lesson.

Write your name in the center of the page without looking at the ActiveSlate. Don't worry - it takes practice!

Select the highlighter and change its' color and thickness. Go ahead, give it a whirl....


2. Annotate over ANYTHING!

Annotate over any document, website, slide, or image by clicking the Annotate button (it looks like a scribble.)

  • check homework
  • solve math problems
  • circle parts of speech
  • locate main idea, supporting details, concluding sentences
  • label anything
  • draw anything
  • highlight anything

Everything you write or draw with a dry erase marker can be written or drawn with the Active Slate or Active Board Interactive Pen.