The Impact in the 1920's

The Problem

The consummation of alcohol was a big issue in the 19 th century. The state of drunkenness people were in was not safe for the individual or the people around them. Many temperance activist even believed that alcoholism tainted the economy and inner purity.

The Solution

Something had to be done. A group called the Women's Christian Temperance Union wanted there to be a law against alcohol intake. Overtime, the prohibition cause grew stronger and gained supporters. During WW1, many people were able to refrain from trying to drink alcohol. They saw this as their patriotic duty. For a time period, the lack of alcohol was bearable.

Lasting Affect?

After the war, the prohibition law was not as well regarded as it was previously. Citizens began to find ways to illegally consume alcohol. There were illegal places where the beverage could be bought or the drink was smuggled into the area. Province by province, prohibition laws were repealed. The last province to to become a "wet" province was Prince Edward Island. Though the prohibition law had best interests in mind, it was not a lasting affect.