Types of Media

Bilal Carter


the radio is one of the more classic types of media and was one of the first ways to communicate. people back before there was TV always used it to listen to games that were being brodcasted form miles away.


the tv was one of the better inventions ever made. the tv has been upgraded over time and has gotten better over time. its amazing how fast the tv is getting better and better over time and will contnue to improve.


magazines is one of the colorful and creative ways to share photos and other news. the magazines have gotten better and better over time ,and it now includes sports as one of its money making ways.

Xbox 360

the Xbox 300 is not only a game system it is also able to share pictures and other things like music files and you can play agansnts other players as well. its one of the fun and more interesting ways to share Medea.


to me the computor is the best way to share medea. i can go on and on about this. you can share evorything with a computyor. you can download audio files as well as images. the world wide web is the best way to go to whatever you want.