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This page will be updated by the students. I will have very little to do with what is added other than to check it over before it is submitted. Students will be responsible for adding the content that they want to share with you. Content can include learning that is taking place, stories written by the students, questions to ponder, or activities we have completed.

2015-2016 School Year

Genius hour

We are doing something called genius hour. We only do it on Fridays and you pick something you are really interested in and for an example sewing. you or your teacher would bring in the things that you need to do that project. Next you might need a tablet or I paid to look up how to do it. Then if you had somebody that wanted to do the same thing as you then you get to work with a partner. If more then one person wants to do it than you will have more than one partner. But if nobody wants to be your partner that's OK. I hope you guys try this. Thank you for reading.

Independent Reading

In reading, we sit around the room and we have pillows, yoga balls, a bench, 2 big pillows, a long pillow, and the teachers chair. We get our books and find ether of those spots and start reading.

How to multiply 2 digit by 2 digit

You multiply 2 digit by 2 digit by using a method of your choice we use a Christmas method we write a problem like:


x 15

First, you do 4x5=20, you put the 0 down and carry the 2. Then you do 5x3=15 and add 2 which is 17, both numbers can be put down. So your first line of numbers is 170 so then this is when the method comes, First you put down a zero in the 1's place Then you take your other number which would be 1 and multiply that by 4 so that would be 1x4=4, Then you take 3 and multiply it by 1 so that would be 3x1=3 so your bottom numbers would be 1,340 and now you are going to add 170+1,340=1,510 so now your answer to 34x15=1,510.

A Book Recommendation of Babymouse

Baby mouse is about a girl that says her life is kinda boring because she does not get what she wants she has a bully named Felicia furry paws a best friend named Wilson the weasel a pesky little brother squeak and her the one that always says typical like she is. I recommend this book to all the people and if you like Wizard of Oz then you would like baby mouse.

A Book Recommendation of Sisters

Sisters is about two girls named Raina and Amara and they are sisters they're going on a road trip to there cousins house they are stuck in a car for a whole ten days they have to handle storms and a lot of other things and better yet there mom and little brother will have to go hitch hiking after there car had broken down but luckily after there mom and will got picked up and dropped back off they all lived as a happy family again.

A Book Recommendation of Thor

Thor is about a hero/defender well a soon to be and he was just once a powerful and arrangement royal from another realm called Asgard and he was once robbed of his powers and got sent to earth to live among humans. Thor learns much about humility.

His new found strength is tested when a villain form his homeland Asgard sends an unstoppable threat to his new home.