Learning about Eating Disorders

MaryRose Mace

"How do you think learning about eating disorders can help prevent them?"

I think by learning about eating disorders, it makes people more aware of how serious the side effects and consequences are. The more people that know more about eating disorders will help prevent them because they will spread the word. Then eventually everyone will know how dangerous they really are.

"By what qualities do you think people should be judged? Why?"

I think people shouldn't be judged by any quality or characteristic. I don't think people should be judged even if you're telling them they're pretty, or have nice hair. No matter what you tell them you're still judging them in some way, good or bad. And for those people that you're not complimenting, they feel judged because you're not telling them the same things you're telling others.

"Are some foods "bad"? Explain your answer."

There are bad foods, but as long as you take care of yourself and watch what you eat those "bad" foods shouldn't effect you.

"What are some media images and actions that promote thinness? What should you do when you see them?"

Today everywhere we look, someone or something is promoting thinness. A lot of models today are really thin and with teenagers now a days, seeing all those commercials is a big influence on us. After seeing something over and over it'll get put in your head.

"How can you be a role model that might help others avoid eating disorders?"

I can practice good eating and encourage people to stay healthy and really watch what they put in their bodies.