By Kylie McGrath

Background Info

Guatemala's capital is Guatemala city. Some other major cities are Flores, Coban, Mixco, and Escintla. Guatemala was once controlled by another country. It was a Spanish colony until it gained it's independence in 1821 and is still independent today. Their official language is Spanish.

Geographical Info

Guatemala is located in Central America. A few physical features are Mountains rising to 3000 m, multiple lakes and rivers, and 32 volcanos.

Political and Economic Info

Guatemala's government type is constitutional democratic republic. Their president is Jimmy Morales. Their currency is Quetzal which one of is equal to 0.13 U.S. dollars. Their economic system is capitalism.

Tourist Info

A few reasons Tourists would want to visit is because of Lake Atilanta, Lake Izabal, the cathedral, and the many volcanos.