Wedding Party Gift Ideas

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My name is Sharron, I was one of the booths at the Bridal Show the weekend of Jan 23/24. Your Email address was given to me as one of the attendees or someone that registered on the Bridal Show's website.

In this Email you'll learn about my ideas for Wedding Party gifts, for everyone from Grandma to your Maid of Honor, I'll talk about how you can earn those for free, how you can earn a little extra spending money, AND you'll find a Drawing Form for a chance to enter to win a Dryer Disk (one winner for every 15 entries).

Are you familiar with Scentsy? Our flagship product is the scented flameless candle (that's right, flameless - no soot, no smoke, no lead). There are 100 styles of Warmers to choose from and always at least 80 different scents. We go way beyond 'just' flameless candles now - I've got products for your Home, Office, Children, Closet, Car, air filter, and even Laundry and Skin Care lines! We've also added Essential and Natural Oils and Diffusers to our line up.

We've got everything that makes scents!

Let me help you get your Wedding Party Gifts for Free or almost Free!

Weddings bring on expenses - and every time you turn the corner, there's another thing you have to or want to do. Let me help you earn your Wedding Party Gifts for free or almost free!!

Host a Party - Email me by March 20 to schedule your Party and get a Warmer for only $10*, in addition to the regular Host Rewards.

OR Become a Consultant, Host your own Parties, earn commission, and get your own Host Rewards. This is a great month to become a Consultant - more about that nearer the bottom of this Newsletter. - Click Host or Join to read more or shoot me an Email,

*party must be on our calendar by March 20th and held no later than May 30 and held on original date scheduled.

Picture this - YOU framed in a Warmer!

The Charmer Warmer

This Warmer comes with "ice chips", but I love that you can slide your photo in. It makes THE PERFECT Wedding Party Gift. Work with your photographer after the wedding and each person in your Wedding Party gets a picture of themselves with the Happy Couple!

These are also great to announce your Big Day, use as your "Please be my Maid of Honor" statement, use as table centerpieces . . . If you missed my table at the Bridal Show, I had 3 on display - one with my wedding photo (below) and one with wine corks and one with Legos. I've got a few other idea pics below, all using the provided ice chips.

(wedding photo date 1988 - please no laughing outloud)

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Special Wedding Party Gift Pricing for the Charmer Warmer

The Charmer Warmer is $45 is purchased individually. Order through me by March 31, 2016 and get not only great pricing but a little extra something from me as a Thank You:

$121 - 3 Charmer Warmers and 6 Bars ORDER BEFORE 03/31/16 and get $10 off an additional Warmer!

$242 - 6 Charmer Warmers and 12 Bars, ORDER BEFORE 03/31/16 and get a FREE Nightlight Warmer!

*Prices only valid through Sharron Grzybowski, Independent Scentsy Consultant.

*Only valid if you let me place your order for you, I cannot alter orders placed directly on my website - you can Email your order to me, I'll send you a PayPal invoice and then will place your pre-paid order for you.

*Pricing cannot be a part of a Party order, or Host Rewards. Host a Party and you can use your Host Rewards to purchase the Charmer Warmers and Bars at regular prices.

Shop online, anytime!

I take pride in my personalized service and will be happy to help you find just the right gift that fits your needs and budget! Don't hesitate to shoot me an Email, give me a call, or send me a text. My preferred method of communication is electronic, so if you call please give me your Email address.

Please Like my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter and consider me your Consultant!

How about a Warmer that YOU design yourself?!! Choose a Scentsy Custom Warmer

Custom Warmers

A Custom Warmer is a bit more expensive but a great way for you to make a stylish statement. It's not 'just' a Warmer and Bar. It's a Warmer designed by you; in your colors, with you names, your picture, your wedding date...... the possibilities are endless.

The end result represents one thing: Your Big Day and your ability to share it with the world.

Design and order from my website:

Go out and play and see what you can create!

Did you miss my booth? Then you missed my Drawing!

Below is my Second-chance Drawing! I gave away a Warmer and Bar during the Bridal Show weekend. Fill out my form and you'll be entered to win a Dryer Disk to help your laundry be fluffy soft, static-free, and smell terrific.

I will have one drawing per 15 Responses that I receive; only one entry per per person.

Drawing date: March 17, 2016.

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Signing up is quick-like-a-bunny. Like I said, if nothing else then you get about $300 worth of Scentsy stuff for only $99!