Beta Testers

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In Activision

Beta Testers plays beta video games to test for bugs or glitches so they can report it back to the producers to fix the problems so other players won't deal with a game full of bugs and glitches.

Salary- $10.00 * per week=$1,680

Work Full Time- 40+ hours/week

Games will be tested from companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft

Requirements- you must be 18 or older,you must have a high school diploma or equivalent, you must have the aptitude to learn quickly and efficiently, and you must have the Basic PC knowledge, as well as being familiar with Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, and Outlook

Desired Qualifications-You must have an B.A. or B.S. in Computer Science or Entertainment related area (in lieu of prior work experience), Experience with Quality Assurance testing of software projects, Understanding of the software test cycle process, PC and console game troubleshooting, and Experience and familiarity with multiple gaming platforms and genres

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In Eden Prarie, Minnesota

Cost of living- $1385 - $2085

Student Loan-$479.44 in 10 years

Address-6502 Kingfisher Ln

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