Bubonic Plauge

By Nick Fairfield


In this flyer you will learn all about the bubonic plauge(black plauge) PAY ATTENTION IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE!


Some people have bumps about the size of chicken eggs on their bodies. It is warm to the touch but some people aren't hot many get sudden chills and fevers. Head ache and muscle fatigue are another large problem with the plauge. Aches of tendons, muscles and basically the entire body are common.


Rats and rabbits are carriers of the disease. Other animals include chipmunks and prairie.

Risk Factors

Where overcrowding is present and low sanitation is common there is a large chance of getting the disease there. As well where there is high rat population many cases occur in Africa. Hiking,hunting and fishing are all hobbies where there is a great risk that you could catch the disease. Places with poverty can easily get the plauge like Africa because they don't have treatments.


When treated there is a high survival rate but when gone untreated there is next to none for a chance of survival that's why a chance of survival is very little in Africa because of there little numbers of treatment. The Paluge clots your blood vessels running from your fingers and toes that why you see so many black hands and feet and many people have to receive amputations. If left untreated you have a chance of getting meningitis.
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Here are some drugs you can take to cure the plauge

Doxcycline (Vibromycin)


The Federal Drug and Food Administration has recently approved a drig calls Levotonacin (Levaquin)

One of the more powerful drugs is Gentamicin.


Some ways to prevent the plauge are like keeping your pets flea free. Also if you live in an area were dangerous insects are common you should use insect repellent when outside. Rodent proof your home don't have large piles of brush,straw,grass or wood.


Bio war has always been a great fear in many people but never fully addressed in this section you will learn about some parts of history for some times where Bio War almost happened or happened. ISIS the terrorist group in Iraq has threatened to use the bubonic plauge but never acted on the threats. Al-Queada the terrorist group in Afghanistan threatened to use the black death as well but never acted on it. Boko Haram the terrorist group in Nigeria has threatened to use BioWeapons but not nessciarley the black plauge.

During the dark ages the Norwegian Vikings spread the black death around. During the American Revolotion the British gave small pox to the Boston civilians hoping they would pass it on to the rebel soldiers. The Germans in WW2 tried to pass anthrax to the British by giving livestock to the British who were infected. In 1969 the US failed to infect the Soviets by sending infected animals under water. In 2001 believed to be done by terrorist they sent anthrax cells in letters to US House and Congress.

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