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Makerspaces are a growing trend around the world, and are really taking off here in ICCSD. "Makerspaces embrace creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. As a result, makerspaces are the epitome of student-centered learning. Students have an idea and do something with that idea, using a variety materials, technology, the ideas of others, constantly improving and sharing it with others." (ICCSD Teacher Librarians)

Last spring, thanks to the ICCSD Foundation, all secondary schools were able to create or expand their makerspaces. The spaces look and operate differently at each school to best represent the needs of those students. This year, many elementary schools are beginning to develop their own makerspace programs.

Several ICCSD Teachers and Teacher Librarians wrote a curricular guide for how makerspaces can best be used and integrated into classrooms for 7-12, and a group of elementary Teacher Librarians are currently developing this one for K-6. Grant Wood AEA also has a great selection of resources around makerspaces, including monthly makerspace challenges on their web show Think, Make, Innovate!

Makerspaces Across Grade Levels

Grant Wood AEA : Think, Make, Innovate Week 2017

The week of June 26th, Grant Wood AEA will host a week of making with two opportunities for learning!

The week will kick off with our first learning opportunity, a two-day conference to allow educators opportunities to create, connect and get inspired. A wide range of topics will be covered to get your creativity flowing! Come learn about how makerspaces are being used to foster the 4Cs and promote project-based learning in the classroom.

Think, Make, Innovate: Experience is a three-day immersive experience are made up of half-day, in-depth workshops designed to give you a hands-on experience to tinker with tools, expand upon ideas and collaborate with the community of colleagues and presenters.

Tools to Try

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