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Apollo Carmix – Self Loading Concrete Mixer & Dumper

Find out the Significant and Beneficial Aspects of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

What is specific about Self Concrete Mixer?

Self loading concrete mixer reduces the need of weighing the ingredients proportionately and mixing as the electronic weighing system equipped with this device supports for accepting only the right quantity of ingredients to obtain good quality of concrete mix.

Drawbacks in Conventional Mixers

Conventional mixers require the support of manual loading of ingredients and if the proportion changes the quality of concrete mix also tend to differ. In addition, technically conventional mixers have many drawbacks as not all the mixers can be adaptable to different types of constructions.

Construction advantages with Mobile Mixer on Site

On site construction remains more effective with mobile concrete blender. It can be shifted from one end of the site to another end, and can be drive easily by single person. In addition, it reduces the need for additional components including pumps to transport ready mix concrete, drum trucks, etc as they are expensive as well.

Concrete Necessities in Different Types of Construction Methods

Construction work is not constraint with residential and commercial projects alone, as concrete remains one of the prominent ingredients in creating roads, bridges, tunnel, paving, power plants, and major industries. Mobile concrete blender has been designed in compact way to make it transferable to different locations and process the construction work comparatively fast and reliable.

Saving on work load, expense and time

Transportable concrete blender has been designed in compact way. This is one of the features that reduces construction work load. Similarly, when comparing the expenses of conventional mixing, mobile blenders are cost effective and save more time in mixing.

Wastage Management

Self loading transit mixer is also beneficial in reducing the percentage of wastage. Spilling out of ingredients while loading into the batch plant is a common kind of wastage that can be seen in construction sites, similarly transferring the concrete mix to the work site also leads to wastage. Self loading mobile batch equipment deserves attention for reducing wastage in both the above means.

Apollo Carmix Mobile Concrete Self Loading and Mixing Equipment

Apollo Carmix, a combined endeavor from Apollo Infratech and Carmix provide world class construction equipments and self loading concrete transit mixer is one among them. Our transit mixer is known for the resourcefulness and can be applied for variety of projects irrespective of the location as it is easily movable on even hard surface.

Specifications of Apollo Carmix Transit Mixer

Our transit concrete mixer is equipped with drum capacity of 3450 liters and the transmission works with the help of hydrostatic Bosch RexRoth 4 wheel drive. With a loading capacity of up to 400 liters our self loading concrete mixers are provided with hydraulic opening gate. The reversible driving seat provides the ease of monitoring flexible transport of the portable batch plant. Further more information about self loading concrete mixers, visit at http://apollocarmix.com/self-loading-concrete-mixer-2/.


With the inception of technically advanced concrete mixing equipments like self loading concrete mixer, cost of construction has been reduced to a great extent. It is a perfect choice for small to moderate construction projects.