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This Wednesday, 2/17/16

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10 Minutes to Spare: 3 Digi-Ideas

#1 Make a Thinglink

What's a Thinglink?

Thinglink is a very clever means of demonstrating knowledge via a photo. Below is a Thinglink I made. The three dots on the photo take you to more information about this predatory species - two videos and an article.

Is it free?

The basic version is free and it does the trick with no bells and whistles. I used the free version and you can click mine below. You'll note that there are some features that would be helpful from the paid version, but free does the trick well enough.

What do I do with 10 minutes to spare?

Make one on the big screen. Use any picture from a topic you are studying. Students can use their devices to find tantalizing details. Get the URL and click it in the photo.

My students are too young to research independently - what to do?

Use my Thinglink on lion fish! Click around and be fascinated by the story of this predator.

My students are ready to roll and make their own - what to do?

Have them set up an account with their SRC student emails. 10digitID@santarosa.k12.fl.us and start creating.

Make an Account to Make a Thinglink

1. www.thinglink.com

2. Make a free account with your credentials

3. Click <create> at top right

4. Upload a photo

5. Click on the photo and start tagging away

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#2 Padlet for Room-Sized Conversations

What is Padlet?

It's a miraculous little web-based app that lets everyone add to the big screen conversation.

Is it free?


What can I do with 10 minutes to spare?

Test review

Character analysis

Post a word problem and they post steps explaining how to solve.

Ask a provocative question, "Should we kill all the lion fish in our ecosystem?"

How do students add to the convo on the big screen?

You share the URL and they enter it on their device. When it opens, they are live on the site and click away to add content.

I don't have devices for all.

Work in teams!

My little ones can't type - or - I don't have the CoW today.

They call it out, you jot it down. It's still incredibly engaging to see all that information populate in real-time on the big screen.

Do I need an account?

You do, and it's very simple.

1. www.padlet.com

2. Create your account

Then what?

1. When you are logged in, upper right click <new Padlet>

2. click the Settings 'gear' on the right and work your way through the options

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#3 Paper Slide Video

What's a Paper Slide Video?

It's probably the easiest way 'to get digi wit it' for students K-12 using the simplest of materials.

What are those simple materials?

1. White paper

2. Markers

3. Your smartphone - or - devices with a camera - or - students' BYOD

High Example


Middle Example


Elementary Example


What do I do with 10 minutes to spare?

1. Give them a topic

2. Give them 3 sheets of paper (the less paper, the less time they'll need)

4. They share the topic on those 3 sheets

5. They (or you) video themselves telling the story with the paper

6. Show it on the big screen - they email the video to you - or - you use their device to project

How to make a Paper Slide Video

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