Mrs. Platz' News

September 4th

Important Dates to Note

September 7th-No School (Labor Day)

September 8th-PTA Scavenger Hunt 7-8pm

September 8th- Scrapbook page and Writers Workshop page due

September 10th-Early Release

September 24th-Author Visit

What is new?

Wow it's hard to believe it's already September! What a great week we had at Bell Prairie! We worked really hard and are really growing as learners in all areas. I was able to finish the CBM testing and I am very impressed how much they already know. In the next week or two I will be sending home some resources to use at home if your child needs extra support in letter names, sounds or number identification. I will also have their scores for you in the next week or two. If your child scored above the 75 percentile I will be assessing their reading level based on our Fountas and Pinnell Reading program. That way I can get them started on the support they need on their level. All Kindergarteners will be given the Fountas and Pinnell test in the Winter.

We have been doing a great job in the hallways and in specials that we have been getting compliments. Each compliment the class earns a letter to spell MUSTANG. 3 weeks of school behind us and we have already earned 2 special days-first was "Stuffed Animal Day" and Thursday was "Stinky Feet Day". I hope we can keep this up for the upcoming weeks.

Overall we are a great class together but still working out some kinks. :) I am really proud how well they are adjusting.

Just a reminder, in a few weeks we will have a author coming to talk to Kindergarten. Her name is Ann Ingalls. You can check out her website at We are really excited for her to come. A note came home explaining more and a order form if you would like to order one of her books.

Sight Words this week: can, we, do, you

Words to practice- a, and, go, I, is, like, me, my, play, see, the, to

Specials Schedule

Monday: PE & Music

Tuesday: Technology & Music

Wednesday: Counselor/Technology

Thursday: Art

Friday: PE & Health

What we learned!

Readers Workshop-We hit the components of Readers Workshop this week. We made a Anchor chart with the 3 major components: Focus Lesson, Independent Practice and Teaching Share. We determined my jobs and their jobs during these 3 major parts. In our Launching Unit we have learned how to "Ask for help" when Mrs. Platz is working with another student, or just when we need help. I will have a green/red circle that they will show by laying next to them if they need help. Red will be that they need help, green they are doing ok on their own. This is such an important time as I confer with students so it is valuable I don't get interrupted so I can give that student my attention.

Writers Workshop-This week we looked how Authors get their ideas on what they want to write about. In writing we talked about the importance to "Think first, Sketch next, Write/Label, Add Detail. We are still in our Launching Unit getting down procedures of Writers Workshop. We will dig deeper in the middle of September.

Math Workshop-We started patterns this week as well as five frames and shapes. We have been using vocabulary such as lines, sides, curvy, straight, round. We are continuing to teach counting strategies every day in math.