Marcus Luttrell

A biography by: Steele Bardwell

Basic Information

*Marcus was born in Houston,Texas in 1975

*He is marryed and has two kid one girl named Morgan luttrell and a boy named Axe luttrell

*Some of Marcus nik names were(southern boy) and(The One)

*he started training for the army when he was Fifteen


Marcus Luttrell was in the us Navy team He was sent on a mission Operation red Wings It was Knowed two be one easy but it was not out of the Four men only one survived and his name is Marcus luttrell.After that he was Received two Awards They were the Navy Cross Award And the other one was the Purple heart Award Those are the things that have a big impact on our lives.
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Impact on Society

Marcus has a big impact on the society after the battle operation red wings he came home and decied to right on book and make a movie on the experince so, the book he rite is called the Lone survivor and also that is what the movie is called and it was a big hit for the USA

Why I Chose this person

I chose Marcus Luttrell because he severed our country and he is a good person and he worked hard his whole life to fight for our country and he was the only one to stay alive in the battle operation red wings.That is why i chose him

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