State Government Project

Trever Larson, Trevor Onstott

My local state representative

My local state representative is Ron Simmons. He is in Texas district 65

About Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons was born in southern Arkansas and was the son of public school teachers. He is married to Lisa Simmons. Ron and Lisa have three children, Justin, Daniel, and Allie Beth.

Ron assumed office on January 8, 2013. He stands as a republican. He won the 2012 election with 4,844 votes (61.6 percent), he defeated two rivals, David Edmund Loerwald of Carrollton, with 1,754 votes (22.3 percent), and Michael Hugh "Mike" Hennefer of Carrollton, with 1,260 votes (16 percent).

About my district

-There are 44,419 Students that attend CISD

-In district 65 there are about 116,900 people between the ages of 18 - 64.

-About 39.2 %of this district attained and graduated a form of college which is 12.5 % higher than the state which comes in at 26.7 %.

- The most worked occupation in my district is jobs in the educational business and health management business. The percent of people working these jobs in my district is 18.0%. This is 3.7 % lower than the state percent which is 21.7 %

My Agency

I would like to work for the Texas Animal Health Comission. This agency helps to keep the cattle and live stock healthy and to keep the meat, eggs, dairy, ect. healthy for consumption and within FDA regulations.

This agency impacts Texas because it keeps our food clean with no bacteria or viruses in meats. They make sure no humans get sick through the consumption of animals products. They promote or boost the marketability of livestock in the state of Texas.

Three possible positions could be a field veterinarian, field epidemiologist, or a livestock inspector.

Recent news report

This plan was passed to give deer and elk breeders the right to breed captive deer under the certain restrictions and regulations of the Texas Animal Helth Commision (TAHC) and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). This was passed August 11, 2015.