CHS IB Insights

What's going on in the IB Programs at Chandler High?

October 2015

Our First Edition!

Thank you for reading our first edition of the CHS IB Insights. We will publish a new edition every month on the 18th of the month. This newsletter is thoughtfully put together by CHS IB Diploma Candidate Mark Muñoz. We want you to stay in the loop with all of the great things that our former, current and future IB students and faculty are doing! (Wondering why the 18th is our publication date?? Our CHS IB students have designated the 18th of every month as IB Day ... a day to 'dress to impress' on campus and promote the IB program. "18" is kind of like "IB"... get it?!?!)

IB Wolves (Past, Present, Future!) - Click picture to read information!

Featured Class: IB Environmental Systems and Societies

This quarter the IB Environmental Systems and Societies/APES will be starting their biggest project of the year. Eco-Columns are a tradition in the IB Environmental Science classes. The Eco-Column is a self-preserving man made ecosystem that is kept in a plastic column made of 2 Liter soda bottles. Students who successfully create the Eco-Column will replicate an active ecosystem complete with plants, decomposers, fish and soil with active bacteria cultures. Once the Eco-Column is set up the students must seal their column and only intervene with water acting as rain. Good luck on you projects!

Meet a CHS IB Teacher

This month we would like to introduce you to Sra. Wyffels. Here is an interview with her:

Where did you receive your education? Western Washington University (BA Spanish), Master of Arts in Teaching from University of Portland. Study abroad in Segovia, Spain.

What/Who propelled you desiring a career as an educator? I had positive experiences in school, but I have to say that this was an internal force that drove me into education. I had a passion for it, and an enthusiasm for it. It was a natural fit for my personality.

Why did you choose Spanish as your specialty? I chose Spanish because I believe in the power of human connection. Language can bridge gaps between different cultures; this is powerful. A realization I had as I was speaking with more native Spanish speakers was that we all essentially want the same things: To be able to love and spend time with our family, to be safe, and to be free….Language for me helped me to understand humanity better.

What is your educational philosophy? There are no barriers that cannot be broken down with education. I believe that all students can succeed and learn, no matter what.

Why did you decide to become an IB teacher? I was asked if I was interested in teaching the upper levels and I said yes, not really knowing what I was getting into. I wanted more for myself as a professional educator, I wanted to be pushed, I wanted to learn. I was also interested in seeing what was expected of students at that level.

What has being a part of the IB community taught you? I have become more globally minded in my life and in my teaching. I connect more global themes to all of my classes regardless of the level. I see the bigger picture and I try to instill this perspective to my students. I believe that in life and in my career, if I am not growing, progressing, and learning, then I am not doing the right thing. For me, IB is always pushing my in a forward, progressive direction in my professional practice.

What is your greatest accomplishment as a teacher? This question in a little bit too loaded for me, but I would refer back up to my previous answer, and say that I am constantly working on my greatest accomplishment and that is to progress forward, improve, and ask the same of my students. I do need to say though, that receiving the Arizona IB Diploma Teacher of the Year Award for 2015 has been my greatest recognition so far.

IB Career-Related Program News

We are so excited to be the first school in Arizona to offer the IB Career-Related Program. It is a program that links IB Diploma courses with career-related studies. Current CHS juniors are our first group of IBCP candidates. They are studying a wide-range of career-related fields: Agriculture, Marketing/Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Engineering, Sports Medicine and TV/Media Production. We are confident that through this program the students will be well-prepared for college and careers. For more information about our program, visit our webpage.
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What's Going On With IB-MYP?

The IB MYP sophomores have been matched with a faculty mentor to help guide them through their Personal Project. The purpose of the Personal Project is to focus on the student's interests, and create learning that is relevant to him or her. It is each student's opportunity to express him or herself, while at the same time demonstrating the skills he or she has developed over the years in the school subjects, and to apply these skills to a goal that he or she sets that is focused through one of the Global Contexts. We will be inviting you to see the finished projects in April 2016!

IB Parent Booster Group Updates

CHS is fortunate to have a group of very dedicated IB parents! They work hard to support our IB students and teachers. Last quarter they offered a Scholarship Essay contest to all IB seniors. Seven seniors won scholarship money to help pay for their IB exams.

$240 each to Gwendolyn Bishop and Jetaun Booker

$120 each to Jordan Weidner, Tiffany Ma, Eric Le, Katerine Willes and Julie Thamby


How do the boosters fundraise?

-Weekly donut sales in the courtyard: every Wednesday before 1st hour

-"No Fundraiser Fundraiser": Help support their cause by donating to the booster group

-Dine-in events: More details in next month's newsletter about the next event!

-Test prep book sales: Do you have a test prep book that you're done with? Donate it to the IB Booster group! At every Booster meeting they offer the books for $5 each. What a bargain! Drop off books to Mrs. Bender's office.

IB Parent Boosters meet quarterly at 7:00pm in the CHS Media Center.

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 20

Mrs. Thoren from the CHS College and Career Center will be at the meeting to give valuable information to parents of students in all grade levels about college applications, scholarship opportunities and more!

IB Club Helps CHS Food Drive!

CHS is collecting non-perishable food items to donate to the Chandler Care Center in November. To help with this cause, the IB Club has a goal to collect at least 100 boxes of cereal by November 12. Drop off your cereal boxes in Mrs. Bender's office!