The Best And Worst

By Trent Spainhour

Google Glass

This is the best because of it's unique design. Google Glass is basically a pair of glasses with a built in computer display that works similar to an I phone. They have a mouse bar on the side and the monitor is built into the right eyepiece.

Apple Maps

This is the worst because it would often display your destination in strange places due to the 3d feature, such as roads on top of buildings and roads stretching into the sky. Many people complained about it and it was often made fun of on Ifunny.

Apple Maps Glitches

Apple maps had many glitches which made many people angry and left others confused. Apple was trying to improve upon normal GPS by including 3d buildings and other land marks. The app itself was a great idea and had potential but it was the fact that the 3d structures interfered with the actual mapping system that messed it up.