First Grade Forest

Ms. Briggs' Class

Winter Concert is Thursday the 17th at 6pm


Please have your child in the classroom by 5:45. Parents may continue to the gym for the concert. We will leave after we sing and continue on the the class unless you would like them to stay with you to watch an older sibling. I have an idea of who this will include but just inform me before we get to the gym.

Up Coming Events

Thursday, Dec. 17- Winter Concert

Friday- Polar Express Reward Lunch

Friday, Dec. 18- Last day of school before break

Monday, Jan. 4- Back from winter break

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We will board the Polar Express Friday afternoon!

As a celebration for our work so far and our dojo point reward, we will watch The Polar Express in our PJ's on Friday while making holiday cookies. Each student must have 10 hole punches on their ticket to board the train. Ask your child about this. Each student can earn a hole punch for completing homework this week in addition to good behavior! So Friday your child can come to school wearing his or her school appropriate PJs. If you would like to send addition treats, we will enjoy them during our movie as well. You are welcome to come join in on the fun!

Quick overview of what are we learning

Fundations: We will start unit 7 but I will not be sending home Fundations homework over the break.

Writing: How to build a snowman, how to decorate a cookie, how to make a gingerbread man/ woman.

Daily 5: We are looking at some holiday stories and working very hard in fluency, comprehension, writing, spelling and reading.

Math: Addition word problems and addition strategies

Work packet over break

Many families have asked if there is work that your student can be doing at home. I am sending home a packet of work that will help with fluency and reading skills. Please complete the work. Students who complete the work will get to participate in a lunch in the classroom day.

New homework assignment

In January we will begin our middle of the year testing (MOY). First graders will be assessed on their nonsense word fluency (phonics/Fundations skills), Dibles Reading Fluency, Text TRC (text reading and comprehension) and Written Response to Reading.

The format of the DORF is often the most difficult part. Students often get overwhelmed by the amount of words on one page and are unable to read the text. Therefore, I want to get them used to this format now so that they are prepared when the assessment window opens. We will be practicing in class, but I also want them to begin practicing at home.

Another area that is always difficult for this age group is responding to comprehension questions through writing. We will begin some written comprehension work to compliment our reading homework. This will begin next week.

Claxton Go Local Cards $17 each

Support Claxton and Asheville with the Go Local Cards coming soon!

Payment Information

  • $17.00 exact cash
  • $17.00 check made payable to Claxton Elementary School
  • See Nicole Siegel, Interim Office Manager, to purchase a card.
  • Cards will be on sale during the Winter Holiday meal in the lobby

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Fun Run Update

Our Fundraising at the Claxton Fun Run earned our classroom $141.00! Great Job and Thank You ALLL!!!
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Our Trip around the World.

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Share with us!

Any holiday tradition you have that you could share with the whole class. This could include a special dish your child loves, a treat, a craft or song. Feel free to schedule a time to come share, send in with your child or email me the information. As we learn about holidays around the world and learn to appreciate the diversity of our globe, we would also like to enjoy the diversity in our classroom as well!

Snacks for next week! Your Favorite Holiday Treats are a fun and festive way to spice up snack!

We will also take items like your favorite ginger bread house supplies!

We also still need more Coffee Filters Please! Thank you!