News from Room 11

February 8, 2013

What will be learning/doing Next Week:

* Language Arts Unit 4 Week 2- Family Teams

-Vocabulary: concerned, fortunate, member, share, trust

- Grammar: Has and Have

- Phonics: words with Long e

-Spelling Words: me, feed, seat, we, keep, beak; play rain give write

- Skill: Character and Setting

* Math- Until : Place Value

Important Notes:

-Remember to send in your valentines by Thursday the 14th! Please send in 21, one for each student.

- We will be having a party for Valentine's Day on Thursday at 11:00. We will be passing out valentines and making a few crafts. We need 3 parent volunteers to help with the crafts. Send me an email if you're interested.

Important Dates:

-February 18th – 22nd Presidents Week – No School


Christy Campbell

PS-Sorry I didn't have any class pictures or videos included this week. I've been home with my sick son. Make sure to wash your hands! This flu is bad!