My Smore Flyer

By Van Schroeder

Courage Vote!

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Courage to me is the ability to be brave, and do what you have to do. Even if you are scared. Something that you may not want to do, or feel nervous for. However, when you accomplish those goals, the victory is wonderful. This is what both the astronauts, and New World Explorers did. The astronauts were a group of 3 men, who were inspiring to be the first ever life form, to step foot on the moon. However, it wasn't that simple. They had to deal with fame, tests, anxiety, pressure, possibility of failure/dying, and many other factors. But, in the end, they were successful, and were categorized as preeminent for there great successes. The same goes for the explorers, but, mostly in their own culture. They set off for a journey to a new world. They also were probably idolized, and received fame. Prominence to the others. Once again, they were probably struck with fear, of what was to come. They had to plan what boat, what to bring on the boat, what route to take, what to do when you get their, how to protect your people, and what if you died! Lastly, in the end, they were successful in finding new land. Back in their day, people were probably ecstatic that they found new land. Today, we don't really celebrate the explorers, but we still give them credit, for there brave selves.

Hernan Cortez

Born in the 1400 hundreds, Hernan Cortez was a conquistador/explorer who was sent from his home land (Spain), to create a Spanish Empire. He started his journey when he was 19, with a crew of about 500 men and horses. Cortez and his men found the Aztecs in Mexico, defeated them, and became king. He called the land, New Spain. After a while, he started to become too powerful, and he was sent back to Spain, to be a captain general. Over time, he continued to explore Central America. On a failed journey, he found land, and named it California. One funny fact is, when Cortez first came to Mexico, indians attacked him and his crew. 2 of his men died, and 800 indians died. Also, Cortez was a great solider, and was idolized by many others. Hernan Cortez was a great man, who inspired to be a great explorer. He needed courage, so that he would help find many places. Without courage, he might not have been able to find the places that he did, and lead his men to conquer/defeat the Aztecs. Hernan Cortez had lots of courage, to help his people grow a bigger empire.

Juan Ponce de León

From Spain, and born in the 1400s, Juan Ponce de León was an explorer. He followed along side Christopher Columbus on his journey to the Caribbeans. On one of Ponces journeys, he accidentally found Florida. This was going to be very helpful for others soon to come. Ponce also found Puerto Rico. One interesting fact, is that when Ponce found Florida, he named it that because of Easter time, and the florid vegetation it had. Another fact is that he was the first governor of Puerto Rico. Juan Ponce de León had lots of courage, because he went on lots of travels, all over the world. He went with Columbus on trips, and he found his own country, and became governor of it. He had lots of courage, because he went to many new lands, and conquered them.

Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro was born in the 1400 hundreds, in Spain. He is in some ways, similar to Hernan Cortez. He found the Inca empire in Peru, and killed the ruler. He then took over. Consequentially defeating them. One interesting fact about Pizarro, is that he founded Peru's capital city, Lima. Also, around 1512, Pizarro went on an expedition with Nunez de Balboa, and they discovered the Pacific Ocean. Lastly, he took down the huge army of the Incas. To sum up, Francisco Pizarro had courage, because he took on the whole army of the Incas, and killed their ruler. If he didn't have courage, how would he have been able to take on that big army. Good job Pizarro!


Astronauts from the Soviet Union, and some from the United States came together to accomplish something big for man kind. They each wanted to be able to expand the comprehension, and limits of knowledge about our species, and space. The Soviet Union was the first to have man in space, but the United States was the first to step foot on the moon. An interesting fact, is that the Soviet Union was always ahead of the Americans in research and knowledge. However, ironically, the U.S. made it to the moon first. The first astronauts had lots and lots of courage, because they were flying into an area where not many people have been before. But this time, they were going to a completely unexplored territory where (quote) "No man has gone before!" There had been many tests, trying to set a rocket into space, but failed. The astronauts were extremely nervous. They had courage, because they were flying into the unknown.

Astronauts vs Explorers.

I have come to a conclusion that the Astronauts had more courage than the explorers, for many reasons. First, the Astronauts were going into a completely unknown land (planet) where no one had been before. The explorers had already had experience sailing, and living on land. They didn't have to go to an absolute new land, where everything was different. Yes the explorers where going to new land. However, they knew relatively what to expect. Just think, would you be more scared to fly to the moon, or have to sail to an island you have never been to. The technology was new, and little knowledge was what the astronauts had to compete with. The explorers had way more knowledge, and experience to go off of. The explorers had already had in their history death, battle, struggle, and uncertainty. The astronauts had very little behind their belt. Because the Astronauts went into their mission with lots of uncertainty, and questions to still be answered, the Astronauts had more courage for stepping up to the plate to do what most people would never. Thank you Astronauts.
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