Impression Of Eric Greitens

Summer Reading Project By: Samuli Hirvilampi

First impression On Main Character

In my mind Eric Greitens (main character) is a caring, brave and smart man. Eric went to Duke University and Oxford University. Eric went to many refugee camps in other pictures as a "journalist". He took many pictures to show people back in America of what's happening and why they need to help. Eric also goes to a navy camp and goes through weeks of harsh training, "Today is the start of hell week." Eric manages to complete training which tells that he is tough, so the main character becomes a part of the navy and fights in the navy now. During Eric's mission he got injured. After his recovery he thanks all the injured for their service, "And while it was clear that our men and women appreciated that, it seemed that they needed to hear something else, thank you."(Pg.250)

If the main character went on vacation.

  • Eric Greitens would most likely bring a camera because he takes lots of pictures, "I found a women who seemed to be a relative and asked for her permission to take pictures."(pg.134) I began photographing children as they went to fill their jugs."(pg.90)
  • Boxing gear for entertainment. "I chose a pair of red gloves, yanked them on, and climbed into the ring."
  • List of Chinese words because he taught in Beijing. "I came to study and to learn."(pg.33)



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