Jonathan Baret

February 2016 Student Portfolio

English 1

Along with discussion of Renaissance writers, the class read a historical novel set in the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by early Italian fairy tales, they wrote and illustrated one of their own. Lately Jonathan has been an active participant in our discussions. As we move on to more modern topics, Jonathan seems to have many more opinions, which he proposes quite eloquently.
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When Jonathan does participate his contributions are very good. He is able to answer questions related to the topic of the day.


In this class we are learning about Buoyancy, Acceleration, and Potential Energy. Students built boats of different materials. Jonathan thought outside the box to not only use different materials to make the boat but also made different types of boat using different physics mechanisms. It is a pleasure to have him in my class. I will be working with him to further enhance his education.

Latin 1

The students assessed themselves by translating thirty lines containing all of the new forms they learned in this unit. They are now completing an essay and artwork based on the major deities of the Roman pantheon. Jonathan is learning Latin at his own pace, and coming to the table with knowledge of Hebrew gives him many advantages.
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Jonathan's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours: 13