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Mrs. Richardson's and Mr. Earnest's Kindergarten Class

September 19-23, 2016

APTT-Academic Parent Teacher Team Meeting September 20

Our first Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT) meeting is this Tuesday from 5-6. We will meet in the classroom at 5 promptly. In the meeting I will share with you the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Kindergarten and ways you can help your child at home. I will also go over report cards, homework, and up coming events. I am looking forward to sharing with you all of the exciting things we are doing in class. CIS and SouthCrest Church will be providing dinner for the families at 6 pm.

Classroom Bake Sale

We have started our classroom bake sale. Students can buy a snack to enjoy at snack time. Each snack cost .50. The money we raise from this bake sale helps pay for activities and supplies that are not funded by the school system. Last year we raised enough money to pay for:
  • This newsletter - $60 a year
  • Osmo iPad Technology -$50
  • Camp Day supplies
  • Christmas Party
  • Valentine Party
  • End of Year Party
  • Cost of printing color photographs for the students

The Bake Sale is ongoing and the students can visit it during Snack Time. We usually have bags of chips, packages of crackers and cookies, fruit roll-ups etc. This year, along with the classroom parties, I hope to raise enough money to fund quality art supplies for all of our art projects and to continue buying technology and apps for our iPads.


We are currently in need of pre-packaged chips, gold fish, crackers, etc. for our Bake Sale.

Books for $1.00

Please look through the Scholastic Book Order form. Your student is starting to read and there are some wonderful books available to them through Scholastic. Some are as low as $1.00, that's the price of one ice cream!

Volunteers Needed

I am in need of volunteers who wouldn't mind helping me cut out items for our interactive math notebooks. It is very easy to do (but time consuming!!) and can be done at home. If you are interested in helping, please let me know.

Meet some of our classmates

What's going on in class this week. . .

Letter of the week: T,t

Sight words/Spelling Words: come, and, go, you, look, we, the, my, is

Math: Shape recognition and numbers 0-10

Science/Soc. Studies/Health: Living and Non-Living

Assessments for this Friday:

-Identify and describe 3D and 2D shapes

-Compare Shapes

-Create shapes from other shapes or components

-Writing numbers correctly to 20

-Writing name correctly

-Letter recognition

-Letter sounds

-Sight word fluency (all words)

-Spelling Test on Sight Words

Our Shape Museum is Complete

We have finished our 3D shape museum. Thank you to all of the students and their families who have contributed to this museum. The students have really enjoyed sharing their shapes. If your student did not contribute, there is still time to get this homework credit! Please send in their shapes this week.

Field Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

We are so excited about the possibility of a new field trip planned to the Georgia Aquarium this January. I have applied for a Grant that would pay for our student's admission to the aquarium. We will know if this grant is approved in the next 2 weeks. The grant is for the admission price only (a $1700 value!); however, we will have to provide transportation, which will be very expensive (more bake sales to help with this cost). Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed! I will keep you posted.

Upcoming Field Trips and Events

September 27 Kindergarten Camp Day

October 14 Farm Breakfast

November 1 Field Trip to Uncle Bob's

November 18 Thanksgiving Feast

January 2017 Tentative field trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Here's whats happening at Ruth Hill

September 19-23

FERST Foundation Coin Drive, 9/12-9/23

Monday, September 19

  • School Council, 5-6

Tuesday, September 20

  • FERST Foundation hat day
  • APTT, 5-6

Wednesday, September 21

  • Grandparents Breakfast, 7:15-8:00 (PreK, K, 1st)

Thursday, September 22

  • Grandparents Breakfast, 7:15-8:00 (2nd/3rd)
  • FERST Foundation glasses day

Friday, September 23

  • Grandparents Breakfast, 7:15-8:00 (4th/5th)
  • Last day of FERST Foundation Coin Drive
  • FERST Foundation PJ Day

September 26-30

PTO Domino's Pizza Card Fundraiser Begins

Lasts from 9/26-10/11

October 3-7

Title I School/Parent Compacts Sent Home

Due back signed by 10/14

Tuesday, October 4

  • Hummer limo fundraiser kickoff (10/4 to 10/21)

Thursday, October 6

  • Picture day
  • Title I Parent Meeting, 6-7

Meet our First Sight Word Super Stars

Big image
These students have read 10 sight words fluently. Congratulations!

Mrs. Richardson's Golden Apples

These students have exhibited outstanding academic achievement in the classroom. Congratulations to all.

These students have received a perfect score on all of their ELA assessments:

Bryson, Derren, Joshua, Leya,

Students who scored a perfect score on the the following assessments:

RF1 Recognize and name uppercase and lowercase letters:

Tyler, Bryson, Derren, Joshua, Leya, James, Jonathan, Jadeeah, Aiden

RF3a,b Produce sounds for each consonant and vowel:

Tyler, Bryson, Derren, Joshua, Aaliyah, Leya, James, Jonathan, Kameron, Jaylin, Xander, Isabella, Jadeeah, Aiden, Annabelle

RF4 Read common words by sight:

Bryson, Derren, Joshua, Leya, Jonathan, Jaylin, Isabella, Aiden

Spelled sight words correctly:

Bryson, Derren, Joshua, Leya, Jaylin, Isabella, Annabelle


KG1: Positional Words: Not yet assessed

KG2: Names 2D Shapes:

Tyler, Bryson, Derren, Joshua, Leya, James, Jaylin, Isabella, Jadeeah, Annabelle

KG2: Names 3D Shapes:

Tyler, Bryson, Derren, CJ, Joshua, Aaliyah, Leya, James, Kameron, Jaylin, Xander, Isabella, Jadeeah, Aiden, Annabelle

KG3: Identifies shapes as 3D (solids) or 2D (flats): These students have MASTERED this standard:

Tyler, Derren, Joshua, Aaliyah, Leya, James, Kameron, Jaylin, Xander, Isabella, Jadeeah, Aiden, Annabelle

KG4: Analyze and compare Shapes:

Tyler, Derren, Joshua, Leya, James, Kameron, Jaylin, Sander, Isabella, Jadeeah, Logan, Aiden, Kayden, Annabelle

KG5: Build shapes from components or drawings:

Tyler, Bryson, Derren, Joshua, Aaliyah, Leya, James, Kameron Jaylin, Xander, Isabella, Jadeeah, Logan, Aiden, Annabelle

KG6: Compose shapes from simple shapes:

Tyler, Bryson, Derren, CJ, Joshua, Aaliyah, Leya, James, Kameron, Jaylin, Xander, Isabella, Jadeeah, Logan, Aiden, Annabelle

What does "Mastered" mean?

Our goal in Kindergarten is for every student to "Master" each of our academic standards. Due to the fact that every skill we teach in Kindergarten is a foundational skill , the student must work on the skill until they have mastered it. We consider a skill mastered after the student has received a score of 100% on three assessments. For example, this week you will notice that some of our students have received Mastered on math skill KG3: Identifying shapes as 2D or 3D. This means that these students have scored a 100% on three assessments testing their knowledge of 2D and 3D classification. I will explain more about this at the APTT meeting on Tuesday.

Our morning routine

Big image
First we unpack our bookbags.
Big image
Then we hand in our agendas and homework folders
Big image
We make our lunch choice.
Big image
Then we go to the bathroom before we go to our seats to do our morning work. All of this must be done before the 8:00 bell.