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Free2live2 Introduction

Free2live2 is a voluntary organisation.Our aim is to do our best to make your life easier and happier. Our main motive is to help you to take control of your lives and make positive decisions for yourselves.If you’re interested in experiencing a self-discovery process designed to help you identify/clarify personal priorities, determine intentional action steps, and achieve desired outcomes/results in very self-empowering ways, then this newsletter will give the tools to master that

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Upcoming for March

How does someone at the age of 65 manage to stay so young?

Karyn Calabrese (USA)

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Friday 22nd March Webinar With Host Trevor Carter (UK)

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Your own internet radio station

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Want to Discover How To do It The Easy Way - Step By Step ?

Have your own radio show up and running 'live' within 30 mins!!!
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What Is On Your Mind?

What is life really all about? there any purpose to how we live?

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Transforming Your Lifestyle For Better Health

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Christopher Sasha (USA)

If you don’t find time for exercise now, you will find time for sickness later

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