I AM.......

By : Trey Grizzle


My hobbies include

  • Hanging out w/ my friends
  • The Gym 9 (Community Center)
  • NFL and College football ( like to be updated w/ the news )
  • Video Games
  • Football, Track, Etc.

Favorite Songs Right Now

Chance the Rapper - Somewhere in Paradise

Rockie Fresh - God is great

Fetty Wap - DAM

Canary Julz - JCPenney

Travis Scott - A-Team


- Football

- Track

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What I did over Winter Break

Over winter break I was mostly over at my friends houses hanging out. But I went to one or two new years eve parties and I also got to spend time w/ my family for christmas which was really great, everyone seemed very happy.
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By Rocky Balboa ^^^

Where Do I want to visit?

I want to visit my birthplace. Lake Tahoe Nevada/California. I was very young so I don't remember much about it, we moved around a lot because my father was in the NAvy