Music For The Outsiders

Ben C.

You Got a Friend in Me

While Johnny and Dally are in the hospital recovering from their burn wounds everyone is worrying about them. You Got a Friend in Me fits the best in opinion. The song is about friendship and and how that you will go through great lengths to help your friend. They worry about their friends and how their doing, wishing that that they will recover soon.
You've Got A Friend in Me( lyrics ) - Randy Newman

Rusty Cage

Johnny and Ponyboy are on the run from the law. Rusty Cage is a song about escaping prison.Figuratively speaking Johnny and Ponyboy are running from their cage. So their breaking out and taking off.
Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage Lyrics (HQ)

Eletric Worry

LET THE RUMBLE BEGIN!!! Electric Worry the best fight song. the rumble is all about fighting for territory, and Electric Worry is is just the song for it. Not to mention that Electric Worry is meant for fights. It goes from smooth to action packed.
Electric Worry - Clutch (Lyrics)

Another Song About the Weekends (acoustic)

After all his time in the hospital Johnny passes away. However, he knew they were looking out for him while he was in there. He also knew that they had a high hopes that he would recover. In this song, it talks about having faith in others, and trust in one another.
A Day To Remember- Another Song About The Weekend (Acoustic)

Ain't No Rest For the Wicked

Dally's death is a tragic, but understandable one. He felt he didn't want to go on without Johnny. So, he wanted to go out in his own way, which was his idea of both a tuff and tough way to go out.
Ain't No Rest For The Wicked by Cage The Elephant |Lyrics|

Woo Hoo

On their way to the rumble, the whole gang is jumping around and having fun. Woo Hoo is a song that is meant for good times. You feel excited for whatever is going to happen. Just like the guys while they were running, jumping, doing flips, and messing around.
Blur - Woo Hoo

Little Black Submarines

This song is for when Ponyboy is "out of it". The song is about someone's confusion and life. They sing about their life being one big jumbled mess, like their mind. Ponyboy, caught in depression and illness, goes delirious and sees things all in different ways than he normally would.
The Black Keys- Little black submarine lyrics

Little Talks

This song is about separation and togetherness. Ponyboy and Darry both love each other, but they fight and argue. However Soda is the one who pulls them back together. He keeps them from being angry at each other, and in a sense pulls them all back together as a family.
Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks - Lyrics [My Head Is An Animal] HD