September in the HH Library

Sept 11

My favorite picture book is still the award winning and very kid appropriate 14 Cows for America (we have two copies and there are several readings on YouTube. Make sure to notice the BEAUTIFUL illustrations! The one of the little boy with the NYC skyline reflected in his pupil still gives me goosebumps every time). There have been a couple great chapter books released over the summer but we don't have them yet.

Other options are the picture book Fireboat or the multiple user non-fic ebook found here.

Check for some great lesson integration ideas.

And BrainPop, Jr for a video!

Constitution Day Fri, Sept 16

There are several print books in the library as well as electronic books ... both specific user (ie you have to check it out), limited user (the district bought several copies but once they are opened the book is not available), or multiple user (everyone in the district COULD theoretically have it open at once) titles and copies. Search the catalog (tree shortcut from laptop, then tree for library resources, then tree again for catalog ... or just twice on the tree from an iPad, it skips the first page).

And BrainPopJr for a video!

As well as Discovery Learning-we need to USE it for the district to keep getting it!

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Ms. O will be out

on both the 16th and the 23rd.

On the 16th there will be a library trained substitute (a new one just became available!) so he will cover classes and keep the library open in the afternoon after Mr. Young goes to PE. Between 11:30 and 12 the library will be closed ... but the rest of the day is good.

On the 23rd no sub was available (it's a citywide library miniconference so lots taken) so the library will have to close at 11. Mr. Young will be available in the morning to help kids get books. I will be meeting a mentee! Don't get as many library "student teachers" as regular classroom student teachers.

Keep Using Brain Pop Jr

cause the subscription renewal is up soon.

And don't let the K-3 wording fool you, 4-5. There's still a lot that could be useful. Just couldn't afford to get both and proportionally there's more in the Jr section!

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This board looks sad. I know we're doing more reading out there in the classrooms!

Click here and fill in grade level and a favorite title over the past couple weeks.
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Do you want a What I'm Reading sign like the one below?

I don't mean Star Wars themed--I can do just about any color and almost any "theme" you want (I own an embarrassing amount of clip art!), just mean something to share with the kids (from Donalynn Miller's The Book Whisperer) about what YOU are reading as a model. Sort of like the WIG trackers. I put the cover but you could just write it in dry erase or VisaVis.

Irene never got hers last year because of craziness but I promise I'll be better this year! You'd have it by the end of the month if you let me know by the 15th. Probably before then.