Sammy Davis Jr

Sammy Davis Jr was one of the best performers ever. He tap danced, sang, danced, and he was a comedian. Not a lot of people can do all those things, especially on stage. He fought for civil rights too. He did not perform in places that had segregated audiences and he was so poplar that everyone wanted him to perform at their place so they even changed the way that they were doing business because they wanted him to perform.

Life of Sammy Davis Jr.

On December 8th, 1925, Sammy Davis Jr was born into a family of performers. His first time on stage was at an early age of 3, and when he grew up more he performed with his dad in the Will Mastin trio. He even performed for soldiers in WW2. Then in 1954 he almost died in a car crash. He lost his left eye and had to wear an eye patch. He then saw the similarities between what was happening with blacks and what happened with the Jewish. After studying the religion, he converted to Judaism. He was also a lifetime smoker and died of cancer in 1990.


By some people he was known as "The greatest performer ever". One of his accomplishments is that he performed with the rat pack. The rat pack was a huge musical group back in the day and they even had movies made either for or about them. He also changes some peoples ways of doing business because he was so popular that everyone wanted him to play at their places but he wouldn't play at places with segregated audiences. He was also a big Broadway star as I said before he was in Goldenboy and Mr. Wonderful.


He influenced a lot of people. He changed music in a very good way. He influenced performers and dancers and singers to do what they want to do, and if they don't want to do something don't do it. One of the examples for this is when he wouldn't play at places with segregated audiences. He did what he wanted to do and didn't play there. He also influenced music itself. He was a new artist who had great talents and put them to work. He influenced music by bringing a new voice to it.
Sammy Davis Jr was to some people at one time the Greatest performer ever. To some people he still is today. That shows that he had a big impact on music because he wouldn't have had a big impact if people didn't still listen to him today. Many people love him and some people have no idea who he even is, But he is and always will be a great impact on music.