by Fatih Atar

What was Rick Hansen involved in that made him a leader?

When Rick Hansen was a little boy he fell of the back of a pick up truck which caused major injuries to his spine and paralyzed his legs and has prevented him from walking for the rest of his life. But he did not give up on what he liked even though he was paralyzed for the rest of his life. So he started playing wheelchair basketball, also he has continued his education at a university called University of British Columbia, Rick Hansen was also one of the first disabled people to get a degree physical education .

What actions did Rick Hansen take to show leadership?

Rick Hansen made an organization called Rick Hansen Foundation, also he has gone around the world in a wheal chair to raise money for people with spinal cord injuries , and he has funded research for people with spinal cord injuries to have better care, also he has improved mobility and accessibility for people with any kind of disability. This Rick Hansen foundation has helped many people with disabilities walk again. The money they used for the research has improved medical treatment for those with spinal cord injuries

Which three leadership traits did Rick Hansen apply?

Appearances matter and remember to smile.
  • Even though Rick Hansen has been disabled for the rest of this life he didn't let his dis -ability get in the way he got use to it and he still smiles every where he goes.

Courage is not the absence of fear -its inspiring others to move beyond it.

  • Rick Hansen had a hard time getting used to his life ever since was on a wheel chair, But that didn't stop him from doing what he was doing before he got into his accident which is playing basketball,volleyball, and going to University of British Columbia and getting a physical education degree.
Lead from the back and let others believe they are in front

  • Rick Hansen has been in many marathons and has won many medals, he has been in the paralympics and has won a bronze silver and gold medal.He has gone around the world to raise money for spinal cord injuries and has helped many people get back on their feet. he has made people feel better and make them think that they can do anything that other people can.

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