Peak Exsperience

Join me and my crew as you experience the mountains. Enjoy!

By: Zuneily and Iggy

Dear Client,

I am Joshua (Josh) Wood and the owner of my climbing company, Peak Experience . Me and my crew would be very delighted to bring you to climb the mountains you have always dreamed of ,especially Everest. We have a expedition in a week and would like for you to join. :)


Joshua Wood

P.S: This is all the information you need.

Economic Impact

Mountains taller than 21,300 feet (6,501 meters) are premium property. That base height costs $1,000 and increases $500 for every 1,640 feet (500 meters). Since Mount Everest stands at a staggering 29,029 feet (8,848 meters), the permit will run around $3350. It would be terrible if they stop letting people climb Mount. Everest. The people will lose a lot of money.

Climate on Everest

The climate on Everest changes each month. In January it is -36. In February it is -35. In March it is -32. In April it is -31. In May it is -25 . In June it is -20. In July it is -18. In August it is -18. In September it is -21. In October it is -27. In November it is -30. In December it is -34. this is the climate on Everest each month.

What you need for Mountain Everest

When climbing Mountain Everest you will need accessory cord, an ice axe (with leash), crampons , climbing helmet, Carabiner system, alpine climbing hardness, belay device, trekking poles , ascender, high-altitude all-in-one boot, camp boots,etc.

The Summit Attempt

By: Holly Angelo

Sun-Jo has been the youngest freed Tibetan to climb the breathtaking mountain, Everest. He had a very long journey up the mountain. With his grandpa, Peak Marcello , Josh Wood and others, Sun-Jo would never have even made it to base camp, let alone ABC with out the support of his friends and his courage. He had some difficulty up ,but it did not stop him. He had a lot of courage.