Hilltalkers Updates for 2/7/2016

News and Announcements for the Hilltalkers

A New Format For Our News

We would like to try and send fewer emails and to also send our announcements in a more readable format. Let us know what you think of our new design!

Mrs. Batha and Ms. E.

Dates to Remember

Practice and Meetings for This Week

Monday, February 8

Captain's meeting at lunch

Speech and Debate practice at 3:15 pm

Tuesday, February 9

Congress practice at 3:15

Wednesday, February 10

Speech Practice at 3:15

Thursday, February 11

Course selection day with advisors

We will have open practice in Mrs. Batha's room starting at 2:00 and lasting until 5:30 pm.

Friday, February 11 and Saturday, February 12

Farmington tournament at Piedra Vista HS

Upcoming Dates to Mark on Your Calendar

State Tournament--Thursday, February 25-Saturday, February 27

If Mrs. Batha or Ms. E. has confirmed with you that you will be competing at the State Tournament, please sign up on Sign Up Genius:


District Tournament--March 10-12, 2016

Over the next week, we will be speaking to students and confirming their sign-ups for the District National Qualifying Tournament

Thursday, March 17--President/Vice President elections for 2016-2017

Friday, March 18--Officer applications for 2016-2017 due to Mrs. Batha and Ms. E.

Friday, March 18--Final Debake Sale at LANB

Monday, March 21 and Tuesday, March 22--Officer interviews for leadership position for 2016-2017

Thursday, April 7--Hilltalkers Banquet

Details for the trip to the Farmington Tournament

We will leave Los Alamos Friday morning, Feb. 12, from the Duane Smith parking lot at 7:00 a.m. We will pick up in White Rock at the Rock gas station (the parking lot behind it) around 7:15. Then we will travel to Pojoaque to the Kicks 66 gas station to pick up students who live outside LA and WR. I expect we'll be there around 7:35. After we pick up those students, we will travel to Farmington.

We will stop for lunch at Weck's upon arrival in Farmington. After lunch, we will travel to the Four Corners Best Western to check in and change into tournament attire. Around 2:00-2:15, we will board the bus to travel to the high school for the first day of the tournament.

Saturday, breakfast is provided by the hotel. We will pack up and check out before we board the bus. We will travel again to the high school for our second and last day of competition. At the end of the day, we will eat at Zeb's in Farmington before boarding the bus and heading home. We will stop at the Kicks 66 to drop off, at the WR Rock gas station to drop off, and then at Duane Smith in LA to drop off.

State Tournament--we need chaperones

We need three more chaperones for the State Tournament. The tournament will take place in Las Cruces at Mayfield High School on February 25-27. We have a large judging quota to fill and we will expect chaperones to help out with judging. We will gladly pay for your hotel room. Many thanks to David McCumber for volunteering! Please sign up at this link:


Judges Needed--Very Urgent!!!

Since we are such a large team, we need to provide at least 20 judges for the State Tournament. Since it is a little far to travel to State, we are relying on our chaperones (see above) and volunteers from the Las Cruces area. If you have a student attending NMSU or friends and family in Las Cruces, we really need their help. Please send out our plea for judges to them. They can sign up on Sign Up Genius. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e084bafaa23a2fb6-20161

We will gladly pay $25 a day to anyone who wants to commit to a full day of judging. We love to help starving college students!